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Gymnasts are the true icons of functional strength— pulling and pressing themselves from mind-blowing positions. The fundamentals derived from this style of training can be applied to any well-rounded program to maximise results without the need to spend a fortune getting set up. However, most commercial gyms today operate with generic programs, posing mirrors and costly membership fees. Worse, their programs often overlook the importance of good form, education and sustainable training.

Believing that people come together at the end of the day to build healthier humans, Urban Strength aims to make training accessible, affordable and fun for everyone. They provide training gear for calisthenics, gymnastics, ninja warrior and bodyweight training disciplines like the modern street workout. They stock a core range of quality, affordable products from across the globe and made accessible to everyday Australians. Some of their products include:

  • Gymnastic Rings
  • Parallette Bars
  • Weighted Training Vests
  • Climbing Ropes
  • Suspension Trainers
  • Gloves & Grips
  • Gym Chalk

Aside from building healthier humans, Urban Strength aims to inspire good training practices, make fitness accessible to all and to inspire the growth of the calisthenics movement in Australia. They also support groups who share the same belief that calisthenics and functional training is the best way to take control of the body and gain true Urban Strength.

Urban Strength aims to become the biggest known brand in the health training space by playing an active part in the journey. They love reaching out to locals who are in the scene and being in touch with the development of local talent in the hope of continuing their involvement for years to come. In fact, they dream of sponsoring the first Australian-hosted Calisthenics competition on the Gold Coast.

Their current core objective is based around growth and monthly revenue. Having only been operational for less than 12 months, they have spent a lot of time early on getting established and building systems to automate their supply chain and front end through their e-commerce platform. With their current progress, they are now moving into a phase of being purely focused on marketing and building brand awareness through social media and direct sales channels.

Urban Strength is in the process of developing their own Urban Strength branded product line including gym rings, paralletes and custom-made pull up and bar rigs. They also look forward to bringing new and exciting products to the Australian market as they continue to grow.

If you want to shop for training equipment to build functional strength at home or anywhere on the go, visit Urban Strength’s website at

Urban Strength

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