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Extra Mile Consulting

Some parts of financial and business systems are not up to pace. In fact, systems and processes are areas that most businesses often neglect. The trouble is that most business owners do not know which parts of the system need fixing. More often than not, business owners only start confronting these problems to cope with inefficiencies, gaps and time wastage that could have been avoided if only properly and timely addressed.

Extra Mile Consulting will make sure you know which parts need fixing, show you the best way to fix it and set your business free. They have identified that for the finance function in any business to be effective, systems need to be in place to capture accurate information and produce outputs that meet all statutory requirements of the organisation.

Extra Mile Consulting is a unique business specialising in Financial and Business System Advisors in Perth Western Australia. They assist small to medium size businesses across multiple industries to implement innovative solutions so they can step out of their business and place themselves above the operations to drive further growth and prosperity. With a passionate team who pride themselves in placing their client’s business at the forefront of technology, automation and efficiency, Extra Mile aims to streamline the mess for their clients by implementing easy-to-use solutions to suit their business and at the same time, maximise ROI.

As an independent unit, Extra Mile does not sell a ‘one-size-fits-all ‘solution. They take time to understand their client’s business, then recommend the best combination of system development and software. They also consider the business culture, budget and investment in existing systems before they make any recommendations. Extra Mile has two key business systems service offerings, which can be implemented separately or combined.

  • Business & Financial System Services
    • Review of Current System
    • Improvement of Current System
    • Selection of New System & Oversee Implementation
    • Add-Ons or Bolt-on Functionality
  • Business Support Services
    • Ensure Effective Processes
    • Establish and Manage Control Framework
    • Management and Compliant Reporting

They also offer Product Knowledge services being an independent ERP and Non-ERP software consultancy business that remains on the cutting-edge of systems research for Cloud and On-premise Software.

Kate Barker, Founder of Extra Mile Consulting

Extra Mile was founded in 2013 by owner, Kate Barker. Kate has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce major in Accounting and Information Systems and has gained over 10 years of experience in commercial accounting and IT.

Throughout her career, Kate has supported and guided businesses of all sizes across multiple industries through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation projects. Kate has gained valuable knowledge around the frustrations and accomplishments of various system implementations, which has helped her develop a range of services that are highly results-focused.

The core focus behind Extra Mile is empowering businesses through the use of technology, automation and innovation. Kate’s ability to problem solve and systemise businesses efficiently and product knowledge are a combination of services like no other.

If you think your business, financial, production or customer management systems are not delivering value for your business, visit www.extra-mile.com.au or email kate@extra-mile.com.au to help you get back on track.

Extra Mile Consulting


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