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Hedgehog Agency wants to help businesses of every size survive and thrive in the competitive branding landscape by making brands sharp. Aiming to be Australia’s fastest growing marketing agency, they provide the very best marketing advice, workshops, strategies and implementation. They see themselves being Australia’s premiere outsourced marketing and copy agency by helping their clients grow and become major companies in Australia and around the world.

The company launched in December 2016 and has experienced rapid growth, doubling their client base every month. In the name of quality and excellent service, they never take on new clients unless they know that they can service them effectively and treat every client as though they were their first.

As a full-service marketing agency, they work with large corporates all the way to start ups, with packages and programs developed specifically for the size of each company. They offer branding, tone of voice, strategy, startup traction and training workshops.

  • Traction Workshop. A workshop specifically for startups or existing businesses to find new customers.
  • Training Workshops. Bespoke training workshops to train staff on marketing.
  • Branding/Tone of Voice Workshops. Bespoke workshops to identify your brand identity and make it sharp.

Other than trainings, Hedgehog Agency offers the following full range of services:

  • Marketing Strategy. They will review your comms – what works and what doesn’t, and create a sharp strategy specifically for your business.
  • They can do everything from naming to tone of voice guidelines to brand bibles. They will also help you with your positioning, brand personality, taglines and mission statements.
  • Whether you need a website from scratch or just a tweak – they will create an engaging, sharp website for you.
  • Social Media. They will create a social media strategy for your business, write sharp content calendars and manage your accounts.
  • Script and Speech Writing. They will write compelling online video, TV and radio scripts or speeches.
  • PR and Editorials. They will manage your PR the Hedgehog way, including sharp press releases and media distribution.
  • Online Ads. From AdWords to social ads to online banners, they will create sharp and effective ads for you.
  • Email Campaigns. Whether you want a one-off email for your business or need help writing a series, they will write, sharply execute and send them to your database for you.
  • In-Store Collateral. From menus to brochures to packaging, they will help you tell your story in a memorable and engaging way.
  • They will work with you to create blog ideas and write sharp, relevant SEO-driven articles that display leadership in your industry.
  • Initiatives. Do you feel like your business has the potential to help the community in a bigger way? Hedgehog Agency will work with you to create an initiative for your brand and drive traffic to it via social media.

Hedgehog Agency’s website www.hedgehogagency.com.au speaks of the company’s exceptional creativity and uniqueness. In their website, Hedgehog Agency claims to be a marketing agency run by a hedgehog named Hilda, providing creative thinking and writing for brands. Other than spiky, little Hilda running the agency are Ali Berg and Josh Berg.

Ali Berg is a copywriter and creative director. She has won awards in both London and Melbourne and has recently been featured in The Huffington Post, The Age and ABC News.

Josh Berg, Hedgehog Agency’s Marketing Director, has worked in marketing for companies like Google and The Urban List. He has recently been featured in The Daily Mail, The Herald Sun and The American Genius.

If you need help in making your business sharp, visit their website at www.hedgehogagency.com.au or email them at hilda@hedgehogagency.com.au.

Hedgehog Agency

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