Popupshopup: Connecting Ideas with a Range of Unique Spaces

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Popupshopup connects ideas with space that truly stands out. Since 2013, they have set out to remove the complexities and costs typically associated with launching a business, promoting an idea and connecting with customers in a short-term retail and commercial environment. Their solution makes finding and booking the ideal short-term space as simple as that of a hotel room, but they go one step further to make Popupshopup the ultimate one-stop-shop for pop-up shops.

Once the space is identified, Popupshopup helps with the leasing legalities, insurance, fit out, point of sale (POS) systems, running and promotion of the space and idea. Not only do they connect people with vacant space but they also create it through their unique Popupshopup Outlets which can be placed wherever they are required.

Aiming to become the number one provider of short-term space and transportable retail and commercial outlets, Popupshopup works through a rigorous sales and marketing process with their collaborative partnerships and affiliations working closely with their customers to ensure that they are tailoring their solution to meet their clients’ many and diverse needs.

Popupshopup Spaces

Popupshopup Spaces is an online pop-up shop portal that connects the ideas of entrepreneurs and global businesses with highly sought after vacant retail and commercial space. It connects brands actively looking to occupy and improve vacant space with exciting ideas. Whether it is launching an event, promoting a product or connecting with consumers, Popupshopup Spaces makes it all possible.

Popupshopup allows property managers, leasing agents and property owners with vacant or underutilised space to market and list it for free and have Popupshopup fill it with brands and companies actively looking for short-term opportunities. They then spread the word and connect the space with the ideas of individuals, start-ups, non-for-profits and established brands. Their tenant database is over 5000 strong.

Popupshopup Spaces goes beyond the typical listing site and provides a full suite of services. Tenants and landlords are provided with free, customised short-term lease agreements, saving both parties thousands in legal fees. Tenants are given access to their discounted and tailored insurance packages designed specifically for pop up shops, a first of its kind in Australia. Popupshopup also assists brands with the set-up, launch and running of the space to provide the ultimate one-stop-shop for pop-up shops. This includes access to the PayPal Here POS and payment systems, made available by their partnership with PayPal Australia.

In Popupshopup Space’s first 12 months in business, they have achieved:

  • 7,562 days’ worth of space enquiries
  • 71 years space could be filled with enquiries
  • Rental value of enquiries exceeding $738,000
  • 65,000 website views
  • 95% return on investment for those listing space
  • #1 Google ranking for Pop up shops Australia

Popupshopup Outlets

The Popupshopup Outlets are portable retail and commercial spaces designed to intrigue and entice the public to interact. Highly mobile and easily deployed, the Outlets are stand-alone and self-sufficient giving enormous flexibility to their potential use in a variety of locations. The Outlets unique aesthetic form allows them to sit as a sculptural element in the urban landscape, adding vibrancy and excitement to the areas in which they operate by day and night.

Having initially launched the Popupshopup Outlet for retail purposes, they have since expanded their range to include the Popupshopup Café Outlet, Popupshopup Kitchen Outlet and Popupshopup Bar Outlet — all of which feature the same unique aesthetic, plug-and-play power technology, lighting, air conditioning, transportability and more.

In five years, Popupshopup is expected to grow, increasing the variety of short-term spaces available to businesses while building on their unique range of portable spaces.  To match these demands, they will develop their team further and open national offices and an international presence.

For more information about Popupshopup and the services they offer, visit their website at www.popupshopup.com.au or e-mail them at admin@popupshopup.com.au.

The Popupshopup Directors

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