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Profile Booster

Profile Booster specialises in creating high quality, authority content for your brand. Their work does not end there though. They also distribute your content to your targeted audience, giving you maximum opportunity to become the market leader in your niche.

Aiming to become Australia’s leading lead generation company through content, PR and digital marketing in the financial services industry, they design the ideal content marketing and digital strategy for your brand to help you generate the best ROI for every marketing dollar spent and become the authority in your industry, drive more qualified leads, convert more business and retain more clients.

Their services include content marketing, building lead generation assets, copywriting, marketing automation, social media, press releases and content for SEO. Three of their most popular services in 2017 are webinar sales funnels, driving positive publicity via TV (CNBC, Bloomberg, Sky Business, etc.) and creating lead generating assets with complete sales funnels.

Because they understand that your business, goals and aspirations are different from other companies, they develop a unique strategy based on your individual needs.

They start with an exploration and consultation with the key stakeholders to identify your company’s biggest challenges and pain points. They then identify solutions through their analysis, and target the best products and services to solve your challenges, thereby developing the best strategy for your company.

With the strategy component signed off, they then get to work on the implementation. Profile Booster’s unique position as published authors allows them to find the best angle to boost the authority of your brand and positioning in the financial and professional services sector.

Additionally, their ongoing content marketing Implementation covers a range of key services, including press releases, copywriting, social media, marketing automation, SEO content, video content, and email newsletter material.

What Results Can Profile Booster Help You Achieve?

Build Your Brand. They will help craft the ideal content marketing strategy, covering multiple avenues to help take your brand to the next level.

Boost Your Authority. Their content creation strategies and content distribution methods will help boost your authority and get the conversation focused on you.

Client Retention. Acquiring new clients is outrageously expensive, so they focus on helping you retain more clients and increase the levels of customer satisfaction through regular newsletter content.

Brand Exposure. Creating a constant suite of positive news through press releases and social media will enable you to drive your brand forward and maintain front of mind awareness with your existing clients and more importantly, your potential clients.

Lead Generation. Crafting the ideal lead generation asset (lead magnet) is combined with high quality copywriting to allow the greatest opportunity to drive more leads to your business.

Higher Conversions. Once you turn your content marketing budget on, your job is to focus on converting the highest percentage across to paying clients. Profile Booster’s marketing automation strategies help you convert more of every dollar you spend on digital marketing strategies.

If you need help in mapping out a content and digital marketing plan to help you become the leading authority in your market, visit their website at to book an exploration and consultation.

Profile Booster



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