Perioperative Healthcare Consulting: Creating Purposeful Providers and Employers in the Healthcare Sector

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Perioperative Healthcare Consulting

Most hospitals believe that to create an excellent experience for their patients, staff and doctors, they simply need to focus on the clinical side and the rest will look after itself. Perioperative Healthcare Consulting does not entirely think so. Realizing that many hospitals are leaving value on the table, they believe that finding purpose creates a better connection with people, helps to create an excellent healthcare experience, increases quality and make a hospital more successful.

Perioperative Healthcare Consulting is known for creating providers and employers with purpose in the healthcare sector. The Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Douglas Fahlbusch, is a medical specialist, businessman and patient who loves to manage complexity by satisfying competing interests. Using insights and trainings from his many years of experience as a provider and consumer inside healthcare systems, he aims to improve the healthcare experience while reducing risk and cost. Douglas believes that healthcare is in crisis because accessibility is under threat. For him, combining excellent healthcare delivery with robust business processes will help ensure that healthcare remains available to all.

Perioperative aims to support healthcare in its transformation from the reactive treatment of disease into the proactive optimization of health. Wanting to be a part of this change while also ensuring that it is available to everyone, they integrate the business and clinical sides of healthcare to improve the experience of clinicians, nurses, employees, administrators and patients, and to reduce risk and cost in its delivery.

From being the preferred advisor for private healthcare facilities, Perioperative aims to also become the preferred advisor for private healthcare chains and then eventually for public healthcare systems with eventual expansion to foreign markets. They work towards this by optimizing and aligning their strategy, systems and people to meet and support their objectives.

Their flagship product is a Five Step Method, as follows:

  1. Diagnose High Value Problems and Purpose.
  2. Develop solutions with the End-User.
  3. Recommend Solutions.
  4. Assist with Implementation.
  5. Perform a completion audit.

Perioperative utilizes the expertise of professionals from the health sector and other service industries to help their customers co-develop best practice for their facility. They also support their supplier selection and solution implementation by ensuring an excellent outcome and providing suggestions for ongoing development. In fact, they have adapted their customer method for suppliers so that they know they are prioritizing the needs of their customers correctly. With their knowledge of customer buying steps and decisions, they assist suppliers in the marketing, product development roadmap and customer segmentation.

If you need free ideas for optimizing your healthcare service, you may visit their website at

Perioperative Healthcare Consulting
Douglas Fahlbusch, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Perioperative Healthcare Consulting

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