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Gone are the days where reviews are something only a small minority look at.

recFinder, an Australian-based start-up, is a recruiter marketplace offering a new technology and easy-to-use search and review platform for the recruitment and staffing industry. Here, job seekers and hiring managers search to find the right recruiter who has local, specialized industry knowledge. Using the latest user experience techniques, recFinder significantly increases recruitment brand awareness and builds the individual recruitment professional’s visibility in a competitive market.

It is recFinder’s mission to make finding a great recruitment consultant as easy and painless as possible and to create a better recruitment industry through feedback, transparency, learning and information. They aim to be the central point for hiring managers and motivated job seekers to find and connect with the right recruiter to suit their needs and to remain as an impartial place where recruitment consultants, clients and candidates can come to find suitable connections to grow and establish long-term professional relationships. Their focus is on the individual recruiter as they believe that the interaction between a job seeker or client with a recruiter on a person to person level is the most meaningful since it drives the agency review system.

Acknowledging the fact that job seekers and hiring managers deal with individual recruiters and not the agency they work with, recFinder took their humble “review” site to the next level by building a tailored news, course and information feed especially aimed at creating a space where recruiters can gain valuable insights, feedback and information to help them build their brand. For recFinder, knowing your market, providing quality feedback and getting the right candidates into the right roles builds trust and a memorable recruitment experience. recFinder is an area to show the positive results that come from great recruitment practices.

Their latest products in development are the information dashboard which shows recruiters a recruiter feedback and rating along with the average ratings of like people in the industry. They are also in the final stages of the tailored information, product and courser feeds which are tailored to deliver valuable assets and tools to help grow the recruiter’s knowledge base.

In five years, recFinder aims to be the central place for recruiters to create and build their recruitment brand as well as be a key point for hiring managers and job seekers. Launched in Australia in 2016, they are working towards expanding to the UK and US markets by December 2017 and March 2018.

Discover top recruiters now by visiting recFinder’s website at

Mike Smith, Founder of recFinder


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