Giving Live Performances Life Beyond the Event, OpenLIVE Provides Artists with Simple, Instant, Mixed and Mastered Live Recordings

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OpenLIVE is a hi-res music recording and distribution platform helping artists capture high-quality audio recordings of their live performances at no cost, while giving fans the opportunity to obtain a Hi-Res copy of their favourite gigs.

Through their unique and end-to-end infrastructure developed completely in-house, OpenLIVE aims to ensure that any live music performance happening in any venue has life beyond the event. By capturing a high-quality recording of the event through their autonomous infrastructure, OpenLIVE empowers artists to deliver a Hi-Res version of the performance to their fans within minutes after the production. Through this, it is OpenLIVE’s hope that no fan will ever miss a live performance of their favorite band, while artists will have a high-quality recording of their gig. Ultimately, OpenLIVE’s infrastructure aims to add value to the music industry as a whole. They want to help artists create more music and to help fans discover great live musicians.

Recognizing that there’s more layers to achieving this goal, OpenLIVE makes it a point that everything they do adds value to their clients by always looking at how their suite of services can help musicians produce great music and increase the chances of fans getting access to that music.

Here are the services that OpenLIVE offers:

MasterBuilder. Developed from scratch, MasterBuilder is OpenLIVE’s hardware recording device that sits as a permanent fixture in venues or taken on the road with travelling musicians. MasterBuilder requires a left/right feed from the mixing console as well as a left/right feed from a pair of ambient crowd mics (included with the MasterBuilder). Apart from these four simple connections, it requires power and Internet (with built-in WiFi). MasterBuilder receives its recording schedule from a cloud-based software (Sesame) and initiates recordings based on these schedules. It also provides very low-cost live audio streaming of performances that has been tested in the harshest environments like the St. Kilda Festival 2017, without fail. MasterBuilder has been designed to fit into a basic rack along with other in-house equipment in the venue. It enables every single live music venue and festival in the world to be an instant, on-demand music production and reporting facility.

Sesame. This is OpenLIVE’s Cloud-Based software where all the ‘magic’ happens. What usually takes weeks and thousands of dollars is done in less than four minutes in the cloud. The recording runs through their mixing, mastering and spectral balancing engine to produce a ‘distribution-ready’ digital copy of the live performance. This enables artists to sell a copy of the recording soon after the gig, while giving fans access to the gig they heard on the day/night they witnessed it live. With Sesame, remarks like “What was that track?,” “Was it the third of fourth one they played?,” and “I wish I could hear it again!” are so yesterday. Artists can also schedule their own recordings of gigs at ‘OpenLIVE-enabled’ venues and manage the recordings thereafter. GingerbreadMan, a key component of Sesame, allows artists to insert track marks and appropriate metadata, making the recording ready for consumption by music fans.

This hardware and software combination extends beyond the recording of live gigs. It has been used for comedy acts, keynote speakers at conferences and music festivals. Early discussions are underway for its potential use in the broadway theatre market. Working to further improve on their services, OpenLIVE is working with a renowned local Australian manufacturer of high-quality microphones and a global market leader in the field, on the next iteration of MasterBuilder. With a raft of new features, this new MasterBuilder will be more portable, broadening the user scope of the hardware and enabling more budding musicians to create great music.

In addition to this OpenLIVE has signed an exclusive agreement with fast growing UK based rehearsal studio group Pirate Studio’s to have it’s MasterBuilders in all Pirate Studio’s studios by the end of 2018, and beyond. Current installations are proving extremely popular with Pirate Studio’s clients. Pirate Studio’s will have over 750 rehearsal rooms in operation, in the UK, EU, and then the USA, by 2018. This model further proving OpenLIVE’s hardware and software, and it’s applications in the broad recording marketplace.

In five years, OpenLIVE is looking into uncovering many business opportunities using their technology. At present, they could see their hardware pushing out into music venues globally, particularly in Europe, USA and Asia. Having recorded over 2,500 live performances to date, they expect this number to well and truly reach somewhere in the 7-figure region in five years. With their manufacturing and distribution partner, OpenLIVE expects to be selling their MasterBuilder as a retail product helping ‘bedroom’ musicians produce quality recordings for the many distribution methods available to them. Further, they can see OpenLIVE playing a key role in the audio segment of the growing field of Virtual Reality.

If you want to access OpenLIVE’s simple live music management tool, you can go to or send them an e-mail via info@openliveco. You may also contact them on Facebook:



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