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Even in today’s modern world, many children still experience problems in academic work like spelling and reading, as well as in motor coordination ranging from mild to severe. Some children even suffer from more serious cases of developmental delays and learning problems and others are diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. But having a learning problem doesn’t mean a child cannot learn at all. Learning problems happen because of the way the brain takes in and processes information. As a result, some people learn differently. The trick will be figuring out how the child learns best through programs that follow the proven developmental stages of the brain and body to ensure that the child develops optimally and to address any gaps in the foundation of development.

This is where CoordiKids comes in. Built upon more than 45 years of working with children and their families to address learning difficulties, CoordiKids Online Occupational Therapy Programming offers fun and engaging exercises delivered to the client’s home or classroom online. They have compiled, prepared and video recorded activities and exercises for parents and children to do at home in a fun and easy way.

CoordiKids is absolutely passionate about giving all children the very best chance for success. They aim to serve children and their families to overcome obstacles and to develop their potential by encouraging optimal development in children to avoid and/or minimize learning problems, behavioural issues and problems with motor and sport skills. They offer their programs at affordable prices with all the support that members need to enjoy exceptional service and support.

The CoordiKids Program exercises were designed to do five times a week, followed by two days of rest which are crucial to cement new pathways. The exercises can be done in just fifteen minutes each day. Because CoordiKids delivers therapy in short, frequent bursts, children tend to enjoy the programs and remain engaged. With new exercises delivered before previous ones become boring, the program is always fresh and exciting. The program is so easy, because each exercise is explained and demonstrated in a video, which makes it easy for anyone to follow.

At the end of the program, the child should be confident in most movement activities, balance should be well developed, coordination in sport should be sound and the basic spatial and perceptual concepts should be developed well. This includes a sound concept of left and right, spatial orientation, sequencing and motor planning. In other words, the child should be ready for the challenges of the school environment.

Here are the CoordiKids’ programs:

  • CoordiChild: Online, video recorded programs to encourage optimal development.  Membership site for parents – they receive a set of exercises every fortnight for one year with access to all exercises for a three-year period.
    • CoordiChild Basic – 4 months
    • CoordiChild Intermediate – 4 months
    • CoordiChild Advanced – 4 months
  • CoordiKindy: Online video recorded exercises for Kindy and Prep classes to ensure optimal development of the sensory motor skills. 30 weeks (15 fortnights)
  • CoordiClass: Online video recorded exercises to encourage optimal concentration in the classroom or office for any age. 30 weeks (15 fortnights)
  • CoordiConsult: Skype/phone consultation and/or mentor for parents and/or therapists
  • CoordiKids Providers: Trainings to provide these programs in small groups or in individual homes as a business opportunity for people interested in working with children. The 40-hour training involves online webinars, articles, books and online assignments, depending on the learning speed and previous knowledge/training of the prospective CoordiKids Provider.

To cater to investors, CoordiKids has recently launched a feature where you could also make money just by sending people to their website through the CoordiKids Affiliate Membership. All you have to do is sign up and get a Clickbank ID. Every time someone clicks on your unique link to the CoordiKids website and avails of their programs, you will receive 50 percent of the net profit. That is US$24.50.00/month for 12 months or US$294.00 less Clickbank commissions only!

For more information on CoordiKids’ programs, you may send them an e-mail at or visit their website:


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