The Training Establishment: Establishing Dynamic Sales Leaders Through Focused Training and Coaching

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The Training Establishment

The Training Establishment is the only training company to develop training programs that are relevant to the business world today but personalise them to your business and situation.

Aiming to establish dynamic sales leaders through focused training and coaching, they make sure to provide their clients with focused sales training programs tailored to their specific needs and created around an established method. Their proven process creates workshops that are relevant, insightful, engaging and focused on providing sales strategies that sales teams can implement immediately with instantaneous and ongoing results.

Focusing on their customers’ needs and being an advocate for their business, The Training Establishment manages each client holistically— from inception to briefing the training team at delivery and beyond. The team knows the client and their needs, ensuring that the most successful program is delivered with outstanding outcomes.

The team offers sales training for all levels in an organisation. Believing that everyone in the company is a seller and an advocate for the company who can bring business in, The Training Establishment does not restrict their trainings to the sales team alone but also offer training and coaching for non-sellers, new sellers, advanced sellers and managers of sellers. The latest trend in training is Key Account Management and this is proving to be as popular as their Advanced Selling Skills training.

Here are some of the topics they cover:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Sales Skills – for non-salespeople
  • Sales 101 – for new salespeople
  • Advanced Selling Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Understanding Business Etiquette
  • Sell as Your Brand
  • Understanding the power of loyalty
  • Prospecting for Business

Their courses focus on the following:

  • Increasing customer relationships which makes them more profitable
  • Understanding the customers buying cycle which means you will know when they are ready to buy
  • Gaining more profitable sales by aligning yourself with your customers, becoming a consultant to them
  • Knowing that the training session is capped for optimum learning abilities
  • Presenting in tricky situations while learning tips from the best
  • Knowing how your features benefit your customers
  • Learning how to turn objections quickly into loyal customers
  • Understanding that loyal customers turn into advocates for your business and help to refer other profitable customers
  • Ensuring you negotiate with ease and speed
  • Up-selling in a way that your customer wants
  • Producing powerful presentations that produce results
  • Persuading your customers through involvement
  • Becoming high performing salespeople

The Training Establishment is growing rapidly, but is evolving with each new and existing client. Despite being concentrated on certain industries, they continually expand into new markets, cities and countries. Aside from their regular training programs, they also offer one-on-one mentorship and development programs for young people who are looking into creating a working plan for their future.

If you are interested in the training programs they offer, you may visit their website at or connect with the team at

The Training Establishment

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