Famylia: Co-Parenting During Separation Made Easy

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Are you tired of the abuse from your ex? Do you just want to get the necessary information about the kids across and be done with it?

Research has shown that the biggest indicator on how children fare during a divorce or separation is the emotional availability of the parent. It is in your children’s best interest to keep ongoing conflict as low as possible. When it comes to co-parenting after divorce or separation, taking the emotion out of the communication between you both keeps the conflict at its lowest. Concentrating on your children without the “extra noise” from your ex will make things easier for everybody especially for the kids. This is where Famylia can help you best.

Famylia is a family-owned and operated and proudly Australian online co-parenting communication solution for divorced or separated parents.  As the premier tool to keep your parenting communication on track, the company provides a platform focused on all the key information that needs to be shared to more effectively co-parent while adding extra protection to prevent abuse and any further conflict escalation. Famylia has built a secure online hub that reduces unnecessary conflict and helps separate your relationship as an ex-partner and focus on your relationship as a co-parent. With Famylia,  you can receive holistic support connecting any third parties involved in your parenting dispute to your two way communication portal and retrieve all communications logged stored in our secure information bank.

Their mission is to strengthen families post separation and reduce unnecessary conflict by improving co-parenting communication. They aim to help families across the globe reduce the unnecessary “noise” or conflict and get on with supporting their children and each other as co-parents.

Just a few key features of their products and services:

Secure Two Communication Portal. You and your ex-partner are the only one with unique log in codes connection you both to the site. No access for children, new partners or third parties unless permission is given.

Children Updates. Create individualized profiles for each of the children and share/receive crucial updates about the children during each parent’s parenting time without the drama.

Shared Calendar. Keep track of who has the children when, special events, school holidays and trips to Nana’s! Request change in times and days in one central location.

Monitoring and Translation. Tired of the abusive language? Upgrade to our premium service and all communications from your ex are monitored and translated to be child focused prior to being posted on the portal.

Finances. Raising children is expensive! Keep all invoices, analyze spending on the children, and request part payments without the unnecessary conflict.

Information Storage. Upcoming court date? Meeting with the lawyer/counsellor/mediator? All communication entered into the Famylia website by parents, third parties or Famylia are stored in secure, central location and can be accessed by request.

Working towards their objectives by reaching as many families globally as they can and focusing on continuous improvement through feedback and a critical self analysis, Famylia sees their products as a household name for parents experiencing separation or divorce in the years to come. They also see a tremendous increase in the use of their products in court orders locally in different jurisdictions.

If you are interested in Famylia’s products and services or need a team of entrepreneurs and techies with deep expertise in parenting and communication, you may visit their website at www.famylia.com.


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