Urban Planners Queensland: Giving You the Best Outcome for Your Project

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Urban Planners Queensland

Property development has always been a key investment for Queenslanders, however with increasingly difficult legislation becoming commonplace it is hard to know what can be done. Money is being thrown into planning applications which can be difficult, time consuming and importantly, confusing.   Additionally, a number of property buyers are purchasing properties without planning advice only to find out that they cannot do what they thought they could do by themselves.

Urban Planners Queensland (UPQ) is here to take the stress out of the development assessment process. It is a boutique business and urban planning practice that provides town planning advice to architects, home owners, developers, real estate agents, buyers and building designers to help them realise their project goals within the legislative framework.

Supporting clients through their projects from end to end, UPQ solves property developers’ problems by educating them in the aspects of town planning and property development so they can get the most out of their projects while also keeping them from paying for large company overheads and unnecessary extras. In the same way, they also help property buyers by providing affordable and timely advice on a site-by-site basis.

With their love for urban planning and design and their rich experience and knowledge in the field, UPQ helps clients navigate Queensland planning legislation by providing honest professional advice on what can and cannot be done to a property.

The company has recently launched an online town planning service for clients and consultants who know what they want and are familiar with the development application process, but need an urban planner to prepare documentation and undertake negotiations with the Council. The E-town planner is a streamlined system aiming to quickly pull together the necessary documentation and achieve the ideal outcome faster than a traditional dedicated personal town planning service. Along this effort, they also provide articles on their website and LinkedIn to answer commonly asked questions and provide helpful tips for greater results.

UPQ has helped their clients find their dream homes, build their first developments and increase the value of their properties. Headquartered in Brisbane’s Albion, UPQ aims to expand throughout Queensland with new teams in the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Cairns in the next five years.

To set up a consultation or inquire whether their services are right for you, you may get in touch with UPQ via their website http://www.upqld.com.au

Urban Planners Queensland

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