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 The ‘cult of personality’ is unwittingly forcing companies to settle for second best when it comes to commissioning writing talent.

PR firms and media agencies are fundamentally sound at getting the job done, and they typically understand the media process reasonably well. The trouble is much of the work they manage to bring in the door is won based on the persona of one person.

It’s typically the principal whose skills and expertise stand head and shoulders above those who work for them.

Admittedly, hiring staff isn’t easy, and when it comes to content specialists the gene pool of excellence is running pretty thin. That’s especially true when you start talking about financial content. There are many reasons for this, and much of it has to do with the razor that mainstream and B2B media has taken to their editorial line ups.

However, tertiary providers are partially responsible for allowing graduates to leave university with degrees that promise to offer an ‘each-way bet’ between communications and journalism -depending on which way the wind is blowing.

Sadly without being an expert in either, they tend to fall between two stools. As a result, the talent appointed to your account is often incapable of delivering to level that you require and certainly well below the price you are paying.

 Crafting great content is a serious business

The crude reality is when it comes to honing and crafting writing talent, there is no substitute for experience.

However, many of today’s financial writers have been hired on the pretext that ‘second best is good enough’.  If they have never seen inside a newsroom, never worked as a journalist or never been part of an editorial team, they will typically lack the depth of experience, writing craftsmanship and background industry knowledge necessary to get your job done properly.

Fortunately a growing number of client companies are waking up. The persona of the founder of a media agency, and the ‘pretty faces’ they hire will only take the business so far. Companies that aren’t prepared to accept second best are demanding seriously good writing talent be assigned to their account, and if not, well in the words of The Donald – they’re fired…

Let the online content specialists, copywriters and bloggers at Prime Strategy Media deliver better quality content for your next media corporate communications projects.

Owned and operated by renowned financial writer, columnist and media specialist, Mark Story, Prime Strategy Media has spent over 10 years providing the highest quality financial journalism to media agencies and best-of-breed corporate content to a cross section of financial and non-financial organisations and business across Australia.

Specialist services

  • Share market and personal investment commentary and analysis.
  • Feature writing, whitepapers, case-studies, newsletters, web content, releases, and research documents, positioning statements, news articles, columns, ghost writing, speeches, books, blogs, reviews and more.
  • Media and social media strategy, media consulting.

Noteworthy communications projects worked on:

  • Whitepaper into outsourcing for IBM.
  • Edited and re-wrote major research documents for Metlife.
  • Share market commentary and analysis for Rivkin.
  • Developed a substantial review of Australia’s mining and minerals sector.
  • Developed commissions’ management whitepapers for Investment Link.
  • Share market commentary and analysis for
  • Developed Guide to Online Trading for Commsec.
  • Developed Guide to Thematic Investing for Zurich.
  • White paper into financial trends amongst QLD medical profession.
  • Commissioned by TAL to write the website content for its ‘A Voice for Life’ series.
  • Consulting on ‘content harvesting’ to large and mid-sized fund managers.
  • Head of content strategy for CH Strategies.
  • Corporate content for Dexus Property group
  • Commentary, media releases, op-eds and business documents for RSM Australia.

Previous clients include:

Metlife, Insync, MLC, Pengana, Australian Ethical, Rare Infrastructure, UBS, Commsec, NAB, Investment Link, Zurich, HESTA, REST, Austock, Core Trading, Intelligent Investor, Skaffold, TAL and Rivkin. American Chamber of Commerce, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Austrade, CH Strategies, CPA Australia, and the Institute of Public Accountants, RSM Australia, Dexus Property Group.

About Mark Story

Mark Story is a former group editor, editor, senior reporter, chief reporter, columnist and commentator on over 70 publications in Australia, NZ, Asia and the US. He is a former contract editor of Financial Standard, Investor Monthly, MIS Magazine (NZ), Australia’s Mining Monthly Magazine and Resources Stocks.

Prime Strategy Media

 Media organisations Mark has worked with:

The, AFR Smart Investor, AFR Asset, Money Magazine, Voyeur Magazine, Public Accountant, Channel 7, Channel Nine, Professional Planner, Super Review, The Australian, The West Australian, In The Black, Financial Standard, Insto Magazine, Professional Planner Magazine,, Public Accountant, Management Today, Investing Times, FinanceAsia, Asian Investor, South China Morning Post, Skaffold, Intelligent Investor, Luxury Home Design and numerous titles under the Universal Magazine’s Home Design series, Edge Custom Media, Mahalab Media, Fairfax Made and Pacific Plus…

To discuss your next content project, contact Mark Story at 0424 235 090 or email him at

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