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IceFire Creations

Believing that software development is the future, IceFire Creations aims to creatively explore possibilities and push boundaries in terms of understanding coding and software development. IceFire Creations is a company built by an iOS developer providing opportunities to individuals or companies to achieve their goals of creating a purpose-built application. The applications can be designed for all iOS devices, such as iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV or iPhone.

The company’s sole founder, Alexander Karan, takes pride in the fact that he is heavily involved in the ever-evolving world of coding. He aims to ensure that IceFire Creations will always be a leading and outstanding iOS developer, not only for coding but also in building good and lasting relationships with clients. Alexander aims to ensure that clients feel entirely satisfied with their service.  “I go out of my way to go above and beyond the brief, involving myself in the project and not just being ‘someone who they are employing’. I believe this works towards great business relationships and ongoing work for myself,” he said.

Alexander is currently involved in a soon-to-be launched application titled Use-Verb. It is an exciting, new and innovative employment tool, giving you a creative 27-second video to stand out in your job application. It makes full use of the video features of your phone, along with profile creation and job application management. Use-Verb utilizes video so you can present yourself to prospective employees in a much more personal way.  To have a look at the app, here is the web address:

Another application is Hyba, a bar, pub and nightclub search app that gives you a feel for who is there and what is happening. For this app, Alexander built automatic location services that check you into venues, allowing for current stats on the place as well as a personal history on your whereabouts throughout the evening.  All this was achieved with minimal battery drain.  For more information about Hyba, you may search it in the app store or visit

Another project that is scheduled for launching in 2017 is a game-based application called Zip. It is based on a character that has to retrieve his soul and overcome the monsters that have awoken within the forest. Within this app, Alexander utilized the SpriteKit framework to animate the images and build the physics and logic of the world. This is a collaboration app, involving a composer and an animator.

For a more detailed look of IceFire Creation’s projects, head over to Alexander’s portfolio at You may also send Alexander an e-mail via for inquiries and collaborations.

IceFire Creations

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