Rethink What You Can Do and Create a Positive Change in Your Life with Shaw Results

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Shaw Results

Shaw Results is a centre for human optimization — providing education, inspiration and motivation to agitate people to make positive and sustainable changes to their career, health and life in general. They do this by providing their audience access to world-class high performance experts, athletes, professionals, business leaders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and people who have had the courage to walk the road less travelled. They also provide the latest news, science and inspiration from leading sources from across the globe and will soon set up an online library of useful and inspiring resources.

Their vision is to have a globally successful podcast series (>20m downloads monthly by 2022), have a globally respected repository of quality, field-tested information to facilitate human optimization and to move the needle on global cancer, brain disease and suicide rates.

Their products include podcasts, daily digest news and inspirational and creative gifts, encouraging people to, “rethink what they can do”.

With a business model founded on building an enormous and loyal tribe, by providing outrageous value, Shaw Results publishes a Daily Digest containing news, science and inspiration from leading sources from across the globe. They also record and publish weekly, the Shaw Show Podcast, a long form conversational podcast featuring guests from across business, sports, humanities, arts, education, healthcare and music industries and interesting, courageous and creative individuals. They are also currently working on a weekly vlog called “The Weekly Wrap” which will feature entertaining and often provocative look at current trends and news across business, health and lifestyle. Forward looking, they also intend to advertise affiliate products and services via the Shaw Show podcast.

Paul Shaw, the founder of Shaw Results, is a former corporate executive whose career spanned senior executive positions at Ernst & Young, Bank of Scotland International and Lloyds International. Paul has since founded and invested in a number of start-ups across the healthcare, performance, adventure and social enterprise sectors. He currently sits on the Ambassador’s Council of SurfAid International and is a former Board Member of Lloyd’s Australia Blackhorse Foundation.

If you want to subscribe to their weekly newsletter to receive the best of their Daily Digest and inspiring Shaw Show podcast, visit their website at

Shaw Results


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