Make Your Tax Lodgement Effortless with LodgeiT Pty Ltd

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Accountants, bookkeepers and business owners need not stress about compliance reporting and production anymore. LodgeiT Pty Ltd, a company offering super-fast tax form solutions, is here to help you collaborate effectively and automate your compliance reporting requirements.

LodgeiT has reimagined the entire financial close, reporting and regulatory submission process to provide seamless workflow, tools and connectivity from a range of client-side accounting systems and automated validation to special purpose financial reports and the Australian Tax Office. The company aims to automate the compliance production life cycle as much as possible in order to help accountants, bookkeepers and business owners lower their compliance costs; at the same time, provide a communication and collaboration platform for users to streamline their interactions and enable them with tools for peer to peer lending and investing activities using their accounting data as validated by their accountant.

As testament to its outstanding performance and service to its clients, LodgeiT received the 2014 ATSA Innovation award from Australia’s premier accounting technology event, for being the most innovative developer on the submission of the unique LodgeiT nested chart of accounts and automated classification method.

LodgeiT sees a future where the efforts that go into producing compliance reports is minimized through the use of smart LodgeiT technologies and where that effort can be translated into reuse of the validated accounting data for business to business and business to individual lending, borrowing and investing arrangements. Looking ahead, they aim to take their platform to other global jurisdictions in order to build a global collaborative platform where clients can use LodgeiT tools, safe in the knowledge that reputable accountants using advanced technologies have validated the accounting data.

LodgeiT’s earliest products include Standard Business Reporting tax forms sitting on a cloud-based platform. The forms are dynamic in nature and fill from information stored in the LodgeiT database as well as from accounting data imported from connected accounting systems including Xero and QuickBooks Online. The LodgeiT platform also provides business document storage, full client relationship management and a comprehensive suite of calculators and validators including goods and services tax checking, payroll checking, depreciation and pooling calculators, company share registry functions and more. Recent LodgeiT innovations include the development of an automated special purpose accounts reporting solution that reuses the same mapping process used to map in client-side accounts in order to automate tax form filling. The mapping process is also used to provide a framework for working papers that can be used to easily validate the accounting data.

To learn more about LodgeiT’s products and services, visit their website at


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