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When people embark on their own business ventures they often pour their heart and souls into their businesses, and are driven by the starry dream of vast amounts of cash flow, and all round prosperity. What happens when they’re tending to countless aspects of their business is that they are unable to give their 100%, especially when they have a daunting number of things to see to, and their personal life suffers.

Your finances are unquestionably the backbone of your company, nothing moves without them. Once this crucial area is covered you’ll feel a lot lighter and be able to move forward with stride. As a person with high ambitions you need an extended right hand to help you to meet your goals. This is where a CFO comes to play. A chief financial officer establishes daily performance measures, and understands the drivers of cash flow. In the long-run they weigh the company’s financial risks and opportunities.

More often than not, small to medium sized enterprises do not have chief financial officers. They dismiss the idea of having one because they either can’t meet the fat salary demand, or they think having one for a company of their size isn’t necessary.

“A local CFO Centre part-time Chief Financial Officer will add rocket-fuel to your business…”

At The CFO Centre you can hire a part-time CFO. There is no catch; no recruitment fee, no fixed long-term contract and no red tape.  The CFO Centre have recruited top-level CFO’s across the country, who are passionate and have a plethora of work experience in a number of large and medium sized corporations.

These high-level CFOs work with you, in your company on a part-time basis – from as little as one day per month to several days per week depending on your needs, and can cost little more than a junior member of staff.

Their services include but are not limited, to helping businesses to expand both within Australia and internationally, cash-flow management, developing strategic plans including exit and succession planning, developing and managing banking relationships, improving profit, accessing funding, improving internal systems, assessing risk and implementing strategic plans and assisting with tax planning and compliance. To give you a quantifiable measure of what CFO’s can do; The CFO Centre has helped their clients raise up to $7 billion funds.

What’s more is that your designated CFO will have a network of the top CFO’s in the country to turn to if the road ever gets bumpy. The CFO Centre team isn’t just limited to Australia, they are also present in 15 other countries. This extensive network can prove to be extremely beneficial to your business especially if you’re looking to expand.

With your finance department on autopilot, you can focus on expansion, refining your business, and your personal life.

If you’re interested in their services, visit

CFO Centre

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