Try a Whole New Mobile Shopping Experience with Tiltsa: Tilt-Like-Buy!

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It is without question that smart phones are playing an increasingly dominant role in people’s lives — allowing people to communicate despite the distance in real time, manage work-related tasks while mobile, etc. In recent years, smart phones have even become a convenient venue to cater to our shopping needs. But here’s one mobile shopping application that’s unlike any other.

Tiltsa is a mobile application that helps enhance user experiences. It is a US-based Australian shopping platform that functions seamlessly by transforming videos into mobile shopping carts. It is native inside the social media platform Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

Just by the flick of the wrist, Tilsta exclusively allows impulse purchasing. A full-screen video showcasing the products can be viewed and just by tilting the smart phone to the side, the application allows users to browse through different products. By tilting the smart phone backwards, the product being viewed in video format will automatically be placed in a mobile shopping cart. Tiltsa has five times higher conversion, eight times longer engagement and nine times as likely to be watched fully. It’s that easy, fun and convenient!

With Tiltsa, you can Tilt-Like-Buy!

At a micro movement, Tiltsa guarantees a quality and fun impulse purchase. Users can also utilize Tiltsa to post or advertise using its digital campaign platform.

Tiltsa is looking for interested fashion brands to engage with them to do low friction pilot. All they need is a video that showcases your products and the links to those products. Tiltsa will produce the Tilt.Like.Buy video and they will give you a URL for your digital campaign.

In five years to come, the company aspires to be a global SaaS company which provides brands with interactive mobile video solutions. Users will receive personalized and customized shoppable videos, curated, edited and timed by Artificial Intelligence deep algorithms. It’s all about the right things at the right time in the easiest and most entertaining way.

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