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We don’t have the luxury of time anymore. Perennial time scarcity is tormenting people from everywhere in the world. Always-on communications brought about by technological advances have chewed up far too much of people’s time; not to mention the pressures imposed by profound economic uncertainty that’s forcing people to work more hours. As a result, navigating voice-messaging systems or scything away at e-mails while trying to do house chores or looking after the kids have become the new normal. There are simply not enough hours in the day to get things done and it goes without saying that most people simply can’t help it. More often than not, equally important errands, domestic tasks and even personal relationships end up getting compromised.

But hey, this shouldn’t always be the case. Imagine this: you’ve had a crazy day at work. You come home to a tidy home, a stocked fridge and clean clothing in your cupboard. The leaking tap has stopped dripping and your cat had a nourishing feed. Instead of a ‘sorry we missed you’ notification, your online shopping parcel is waiting for you like a gift under the tree on Christmas morning. Ah, wouldn’t that be nice?

“Coming home has never felt so good.”

That is what Hey Jeeves, Sydney’s first modern-day on-demand personal butler services provider, wants everybody to experience. Hey Jeeves is a service-based business that hires a background-checked, carefully vetted Personal Butler (aka: Jeeves) to run all aspects of a client’s household chores and errands so clients can take care of what’s most important to them. The membership will give clients access to an efficient Jeeves who will make it their mission to accommodate the client’s specific preferences. From a basic house tidy to taking out the trash, putting clothes away, loading and unloading the dishes, ordering and unpacking groceries, to making beds, parcel postage, laundry and dry cleaning picks up and drop offs and overseeing the work of cleaners, Hey Jeeves truly does it all. Special requests include tasks that are more specific to the client’s needs, and may include things like hiring a babysitter, a dog walker, someone to assemble that Ikea furniture, wall mount the TV, buy a gift, book a venue for a special occasion and so much more. Hey Jeeves doesn’t say no, it makes things happen just like a Personal Butler should.

It is Hey Jeeves’ mission to make every person’s life easier – to free up their minds or to give them time for the people and places that they love. The company aims to give people back the one commodity they wish they had more of – time. To free it up, make better use of it, do more productive and life-altering things with it than chores and errands, Hey Jeeves is creating partnerships with local services that will help the company reach its ongoing goals of saving time for its clients and making life a little easier for them. These partners include anything from local laundromats and butchers to grocery stores and dry cleaners and more.

If this sounds like something you’re in need of, visit their website at You may also send them an e-mail at or; or contact 0450627773 and 1300 – JEEVES   (1300-533837) for more information.

Hey Jeeves

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