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A successful and effective organization warrants an effective workforce; which is why most organizations invest in the development of employees to teach members how to incorporate the organization’s mission, vision and values into its daily business operations. However, in a complex world of change and transformation, it is no longer the largest organizations that flourish but the organization that can change and adapt to the demands of its ever-changing environment. But with greater demands and less available time, how do successful organizations make sure that their people are always connected and directed towards a common purpose and goal?

Blended Learning Group, a professional services firm specializing in building emotionally intelligent workforces, believes in the importance of ensuring that people within an organization are building connected relationships that are directed towards a common purpose and goal and are maintaining the health of those relationships. The firm develops the capabilities of sales professionals, existing and future leaders and helps organizations deal with the complex world of change and transformation. Their delivery methods ensure behavioral changes are sustained, as they adopt a “blended learning approach” which combines learner-ready digital learning, classroom learning combined with scenario-based digital simulations and on-the-job coaching. They believe that it is through a blended learning approach that real emotionally intelligent behavioral change is created.

“Our emotions direct our performance, and our performance dictates our results.” This is the Blended Learning Group’s approach to behavioral change. Through emotional intelligence, people can learn to control emotions in order to deliver a response that is in alignment with the performance that the organization is trying to achieve. Once this is mastered by all, the organization can consistently achieve high performing results.

Their blended approach to learning ensures that customized solutions increase workplace knowledge, align skill development to the activities performed by high performers and ensure attitudes are in alignment with business change and transformational programs. The process includes:

Blended Learning Group

  • Deliberate Practice. “The more I practice, the luckier I get.” Practice builds confidence.  Repeated practice builds excellence through the use of digital simulations.
  • Engagement. Our highly experiential facilitated approach ensures participants are engaged and immersed in the learning experience.
  • On-the-job Coaching. Behavioural change is never easy, however when it is supported through on-the-job coaching, the results achieved are significant.

On sales development, Blended Learning Group’s approach is to provide sales people with the three defining characters that matter most in the current sales environment: ability to connect and quickly build rapport; provide insights and disrupt the clients current thinking whilst creating constructive tension; and, assert and control the buying process to shorten the sales cycle.

Modelling excellence, owning its reputation and fully empowered to determine what that reputation is, Blended Learning Group is an actual reflection of the approach they provide in improving businesses. The brand name reflects what they do as they increasingly observe that a blended learning approach delivers sustained behavioral change, which when harnessed to the liberating potential of Emotional Intelligence, multiplies the strengths of the workforce.

If this is something you think your company needs right now, visit Blended Learning Group’s website at or call 1300 966 434.

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