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In a medical emergency, people living in rural or remote areas of Australia are greatly disadvantaged by geographic barriers. The severity of the problem became apparent to Dr. Paul Adams after moving to Mt.Isa. As a former paramedic, he knows all too well how important time and in-vehicle medical care is for a critical patient. Which inspired him to find Aeromedical Innovation Australasia. A non-profit organization that aims to fast track Australia’s adoption of new aeromedical technology.

 AIA is paving the way for equity in health care access and putting Australia on the forefront of aeromedical technology.

 They currently have three projects underway: Thunderbird, Artemis and Skywalker.



The emergency modes of transport available to Australian ruralists are ambulances, helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts. The thunderbird project is looking to expand this with the introduction of AW609 TiltRotor. An aircraft with the combined vertical lift capability of a helicopter and the speed and range of a fixed-wing aircraft. The speed and elevated altitude, drastically improves inflight patient care and ensures safer and faster transport. The first production delivery of AW609 TiltRotor is planned for early 2018.


Project Artemis aims to provide aeromedicine for Australian babies and children by facilitating a nationalized logistics approach focused on clinical continuity, equity and efficiency. AIA is also considering lobbying Federal Government for the establishment of a national paediatric retrieval system.


The Skywalker project is investigating unmanned aeromedical vehicles like drones for instance, to transport medical supplies and provide inflight medical and education services via tele health. 

 The organization faces a number of challenges, namely comprehension, credibility and capability.

Merchants are often skeptical about AIA’s altruism and can’t seem to understand that the innovations they’re promoting entail no profitable gain for the organization. Furthermore, the scope of work has yet to be realized, which gives industry players an airy impression of AIA’s role and productivity. Lastly, as a non-profit organization they heavily rely on volunteers, funding and probono to set their projects in motion.

 If you feel strongly about their mission and think you can lend a hand. Visit to learn more. They are constantly on the lookout for new members, funding, probono support, presentation opportunities and even collaboration.

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