Vroom3D Is Driven With Passion and Achieves The Best Results In The Automotive Art

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Vroom 3D’s Managing Director Chris Wise has a deep appreciation for quality automobiles. With a combined passion for automotive art and entrepreneurship, Chris has assembled a team of professional automotive designer artists, each hand-picked for their creative and artistic talent. The team currently consists of artists from Australia, Europe, and North America.

Wise and his team have developed multiple AAA racing games, Apps, 3D interactive product marketing solutions, and diverse projects for road safety research to Formula 1.


Vroom 3D is a bespoke design studio that creates high-end 3D visualization for automotive markets.

Vroom 3D’s mission is to stimulate creativity, embrace innovative technologies, and forge long term enterprises through unparalleled quality and service.


Chris and his dedicated team of experts, are driven to provide the most well-rounded automotive visualization services possible.

Vroom 3D aims to develop a digital platform that provides engaging experiences for all car enthusiasts out there. In terms of making it happen, Vroom 3D is currently drawing inspirations from their past developments of multiple racing games and driving simulators. Soon, the automotive sales and marketing will use both; online and instore experiences that would incorporate virtual and augmented reality.


The services that are offered by Vroom 3D are 3D Modelling, Rendering and Concept Design.

3D Modelling

Vroom3D utilizes a laser based technology that produces cutting-edge automotive 3D models with perfect finishing. Their 3D meshes are precisely sculpted, to suit their client’s rendering and real-time application projects.


With the latest rendering tools, Vroom 3D creates life-like renders and animations that bring the WOW factor to your target market. They do this by incorporating high-detail CG backgrounds and compositing their 3D models onto high dynamic range photo backgrounds (HDR).

Concept Design

True to their values of proximity and innovation, Vroom 3D provides expert guidance for clients that wish to bring their ideas forward. They can work with clients on their concept design or even create one for them.


Get in touch with Vroom 3D and visit their website at https://vroom3d.com/ for more information.







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