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Cyborg Dynamics Engineering

Royal Flying Doctors Service interactive cockpit simulator going to one of 300 schools for its year of community outreach

In a nation not known for high tech engineering development one Aerospace Engineer has a vision with his new business to change all of that.

Cyborg Dynamics Engineering aims to become one of Australia’s leading providers of bespoke engineering solutions to the high-tech sector. It currently offers engineering consultancy and product development for clients that have great ideas without the knowhow to take it to market. The business was unofficially founded in 2015 with Aerospace engineer Stephen Bornstein’s side projects before it began trading in 2017. His vision for Cyborg Dynamics Engineering is to enhance the nation’s technology through innovative engineering development. With projects currently being undertaken such as next generation disaster relief housing, optimizing an electric supercars aerodynamic profile and a modular spaceport catering for various rocket types, this company is aiming to be a game changer in improving the quality of life worldwide.


Cyborg Dynamics Engineering
Cyborg Dynamics founder Stephen Bornstein


Stephen and his team of innovative Australian engineers have a wealth of experience in creating state-of-the-art tech inspired products. The business takes a product from an idea through to design, testing, and all the way to commercialization. Not only do they pay attention to detail and have a passionate attitude for taking technical risks, the team at Cyborg Dynamics Engineering have a plethora of capabilities and resources available to ensure the most suitable product gets to market in the fastest time.


Cyborg Dynamics Engineering is showing that no engineering project is too challenging to undertake!

Some of the projects that have been completed by the team include a cockpit stimulator (for the Royal Flying Doctors Service educational school program), a drone to hunt poachers in Africa and a weapons’ targeting system that was a finalist at the defense innovation awards at Avalon Airshow. The team’s current work focuses on providing some ground-breaking products in the rapid response housing and clean energy spaces. Cyborg Dynamics Engineering are also able to certify various mechanical systems for their clients when necessary, and are willing to privately fund your idea if it has significant market potential.


Cyborg Dynamics Engineering
Design for M203 Grenade Launcher Fire Control System


“We are driven to mobilize the great talent pool in Australia and inspire them to solve real life engineering problems that we face as a society.”

It is hard to consider how Cyborg Dynamics has continually achieved these project outcomes with a small team in a country not known for technology development. It was found that they can accomplish their objectives by sharing in eye-opening projects with genuine effect, making them progressive, collaborative, and forthright in what they do.

It helps when their founder Stephen has worked at 3 aerospace companies and been a part of many other projects outside of his employment, allowing him to zero in on a culture which he believes best creates innovation. “I have found from start ups and aerospace giants that by limiting forthright procedures to cultivate innovation before moving towards detailed design, qualification and ultimately commercialization we can prove a concept quickly and keep the workforce motivated. The big companies take 6 months of writing specifications before they start engineering anything and low level specs always change as the product develops. We write specs but we empower the engineers to figure out how to make it work at the lower level.”


The sky is the limit with this ambitious team and their engineering plans.

Cyborg Dynamics Engineering uses knowledge acquired from their past projects onto new ventures. For instance Stephen tells us he hopes to look into large scale carbon sequestration techniques and a high performance electric car in their future. “We have identified a number of preliminary projects which the technical skills generated from allows us to leapfrog into more advanced technologies”


Cyborg Dynamics Engineering
Flight trials of the IAPF drone project with autopilot control


Feeling inspired to work with them yet? To get in touch with Cyborg Dynamics Engineering, simply visit their website at for more information.



Cyborg Dynamics

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