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Change Meridian

Change Meridian is sitting at the core of wanting to create a healthy and organizational culture. The quote “change is all around us” has never been more sound than in present day. Industries and market sectors are in a constant state of flux, leaving  businesses and employees overwhelmed. Michelle Gibbings, the founder of Change Meridian and the author of Step Up — How to Build Your Influence at Work is recognized for her expertise in helping people, teams and organisations deal with this complexity.

Michelle has been working with leaders and teams to help them accelerate meaningful progress and charting their path forward in their businesses. Her life’s work has put her on the forefront of understanding, architecting and leveraging change.

Change Meridian provides facilitation, mentoring and expert training for leadership development and career advancement programs. Their common business approach when dealing with clients is unique as they bring on board strategic, technical, and emotional sides of change.


Change Meridian offers a wide range of targeted programs to help organizations design, deliver, execute effective change for securing business improvements by doing the following:


  1. Thriving Through Change: Enables leaders and team members to better self-manage and pave the way for change.
  2. Step Up and Influence: Provides people with the tools to overcome the organizational complexity and make progress in their organisations.
  3. Negotiate your way ahead: Teaches effective negotiation skills at work.
  4. Driving Decisions program: Helps people tap into better decision making techniques
  5. Mentoring programs: Designed to assist mid-tier and senior managers unlock their potential and progress their career.


In this ever-changing world, Change Meridian is committed to making your business strive through complexity and secure ‘sustainable’ change.

They’ve successfully provided capability for companies like  Westpac, CBA, ANZ, Telstra,  and Coles – receiving rave reviews. Michelle Gibbings and her team continue to deliver outstanding value and benefits to an increasingly broad range of clients  in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region


To find out more about their programs and what works for you — then contact Change Meridian today! Discover what they can do to make improvements to your business, by simply visiting their website at



Change Meridian

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