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With VouchFor, it’s all about who you know!

Recruitment agencies play an important role in helping employers find the right candidates for critical projects and job positions. They also take a load off undue stress from your company’s Human Resource Department.

What businesses need today are first-rate recruitment agencies that surpass expectations by making sure that prospective employees meet all their demands.

VouchFor is aware that the recruitment process can be inadequate for both the business and jobseeker and acknowledge sometimes it’s just about who you know and who will vouch for you. More so, for the employers. VouchFor provides quality assistance by utilizing technology as the “middle man” and people with firsthand experience to source for efficient staff.

Rather than having to create a job post and screen through resumes or engage with an expensive agency, business owners can now simply engage VouchFor and get all the service that an agency supplies for often half the cost. All candidates on the VouchFor portal have been referred by another professional and are pre-screened. Referred candidates are enlisted quicker and are less expensive to have on-board. What’s more is that, referrers can get paid for their referrals!

VouchFor specializes in IT staff recruitment such as testers, developers, business analysts, project, and program managers. In addition, employers are charged approximately 50% less than at traditional recruiter agencies.



With the removal of high recruitment margins, managers lessen their cost of recruitment. VouchFor’s pursuit for quality candidates, utilizes a system of “referrers” who recommend qualified candidates with appropriate work experience. VouchFor also offer payroll services and total insurance cover for all contract staff.



VouchFor rewards referrers for their quality contacts by paying them an ongoing 2% commission daily or a flat 1.5% referral fee for permanent staff. The more contacts a referrer has on their group that is utilized through VouchFor, the more money they stand to earn.



Jobseekers are aware that looking for a job is a complex and intense procedure which requires time and effort. VouchFor, not only eases this process but also provides you with a variety of contractual worker insurance protection needs as well as all payroll administration, such as superannuation, GST, and salary payments.


How do they do it?

Employers are constantly on the look out for efficient candidates to take part in long-term ventures. Sourcing great assets can prove to be extremely troublesome because there is no guarantee that “experienced” professionals will deliver on their promises. To overcome this, VouchFor utilizes the referrer system where viable candidates are vouched for, making the system stand out from the crowd.

This referrer encourages businesses to hire appropriate staff members while keeping the cost of sourcing lower than the typical expense of expert recruitment agencies.


VouchFor seeks to offer the best technology and business solution for IT staff recruitment in Australia

Their system is relatively new, and is being regularly updated with new functionality to improve the experience for candidates, jobseekers, and employers. Their objective is to build a referrer system that is straightforward, unique and functional.

VouchFor is an innovative recruitment solution for businesses of all sizes. The company is looking to expand their business to New Zealand, Singapore and the UK.


VouchFor’s amazing team!

VouchFor is driven by 6 experts, who have all had experience as contractors or been involved in the industry.

The team has built up a referral based service to distinguish qualified candidates who meet the needs of business owners. They strongly believe that referral recruitment is the best method for procuring quality staff, and a unique approach to overcoming the problem.


The Power of Referrals

Register today, for FREE! You can register as an employer, referrer, or jobseeker with VouchFor. Simply visit their website at  for more information.






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