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Mastering the personal skills that drive professional impact is critical to the success of any leader, whether you are the CEO of a large multinational, or pitching your new start-up idea to investors.

Capturing the hearts and minds of people and unifying them around a vision requires personal impact, confident engagement and most of all authenticity.


HPC Global

With the world of work changing, professional development has never been more personal.

HPC Global is a professional development firm offering coaching and training to individuals, teams, and organizations all over the world. Known for their vigor, warmth, and creative talent, High Performance Coaching (HPC) leverages their expert knowledge in people development, communication, and the performing arts to create learning experiences that accelerate current and future leaders.

Through a combination of individual coaching, executive presence workshops, champion development experiences for future leaders and client engagement activities, HPC Global support new and existing leaders to plan and execute crucial communication campaigns, cultural change initiatives and ‘go-to- market’ sales strategies.

Based in Sydney, HPC Global is an all-female coaching team who have worked in Hong Kong, Singapore, London, New York, Bangalore, Sao Paulo, Bogota and many more cities around the world. Most of the coaches have backgrounds in the performing arts, making HPC Global a hub for talent.

Over the past decade, HPC Global has created skills-based personal and professional development programs for organizations spanning small start-ups to large multinational corporates with a focus on creating positive momentum, employee engagement and transformational change.


To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

HPC Global works with their clients to harness the energy, creative talent and capability of their people by creating a link between personal and organizational goals. Through this process, leaders are created, ambitions are realized and organizations are transformed.


HPC Global

1. Individuals

HPC Global works with individuals to help them tap into their authentic presence, harness their personal energy and develop the qualities needed to inspire and influence in a professional setting. Through individual leadership coaching in executive presence and live rehearsals for keynote presentations, product launches or roadshows, HPC Global focuses on the communication skills needed to impact, engage and inspire. With that foundation in place, current and future leaders are well positioned to confidently embrace new opportunities and go forward with a greater sense of personal meaning and purpose.


2. Team

Collaboration, communication and camaraderie are all part of HPC Global’s signature style when working with teams around the world. By creating a link between personal and professional development, HPC Global develops learning experiences that direct team aspirations and accomplishments towards organizational objectives. HPC’s coaching team are experts in creating positive and open learning environments where people feel supported to grow and extend, both personally and professionally. With a focus on inspiring positive contribution and personal commitment, HPC’s programs have a radical impact on employee engagement outcomes and client experience results.


3. Organization

As specialist facilitators, HPC Global draws on a range of disciplines spanning business, psychology and the creative arts to bring energy, engagement and clarity to strategy sessions, stakeholder engagement forums and client advisory board meetings. Additionally, HPC Global leverage their proprietary methodology to accredit in-house champions to deliver custom-designed regional, or global, training programs designed to upskill, engage and unify large populations across global organizations. As an all-female team, HPC are also passionate about the development of women from early career to board level appointments.


HPC Global encourages you to come on board and brainstorm ideas with them!

Accelerate yourself, your team or your organization with HPC Global.

Simply visit their website to find out more or send them an email at



HPC Global



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