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Are you feeling the pressure when it comes to cybersecurity management? During recent years, most businesses have come to realize that the losses from data breaches and cybersecurity vulnerabilities have tangible consequences for the businesses. That is why cybersecurity is crucial for small and large businesses. With that in mind, fight your ground! here are the three tools and services which small and medium business can use to protect their businesses.


  1. Never overlook hardware securities

Without realizing, most business overlook hardware securities. Did you know that it is easier to have one secure cloud structure than it is to secure a few hundreds of laptops. Having one secure cloud would help to reduce the risk through security centered device management and proactive practices and policies to engage each employee in the security process.


  1. Get scouts out of your email

Email tracking solutions are widely used among marketers, lawyers, and sales people for better engagement with prospects and current clients. Cybercriminals however are using these tools to track the date and time the emails are opened, where they are open, where they are forwarded and so forth.

Which application allows companies to block spymail? MailControl. It allows companies to block spymail from hitting their inbox. It is an especially effective tool in preventing targeted phishing attacks from reaching your business.


  1. Stop ransomware

What is ransomware? It is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. Ransomware is the most prevalent cyber security risk to small business. Did you know that ransomware can take control of your files? Well it does, and to make matters worse, anti-virus aren’t effective against these fast-changing variants.

There is a possible solution though, CryptoStopper is a tool that protects your network. Download and install this tool as it deploys bait files throughout a network.

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