The Insights To The Australian Working Culture From An Expat’s Perspective

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In comparison to other business cultures, Australians have a unique set of business etiquette rules. For an instance, profanity is not minded at work. At business meetings, chit chatting is allowed and socializing after work is a norm!

After much research, we have realized that most expats have been surprised by the working culture in Australia. Below are some of the shocking working cultures that we practice here in Australia!


Quality over Quantity

In Australia, it is apparent that education and well being are the highest priorities and work life balance is sacred. Also, speaking about Quality, most Australians prefer building a rapport that is good among their clients and colleagues which also means sometimes taking a few minutes talking about sports before hitting to the topic at hand.


No beating around the bush

For some people, workplace was often a place where people tried avoiding confrontations whereby they should skate around awkward conversations trying to hide behind emails. However, in Australia, the culture here is different. People are bold with their words and direct about their thoughts. It is refreshing for those who are not use to it but at the same time it is also has its terrifying measures.


Jokes are the highlights of most conversations

Aussies have a great sense of humour! They appreciate it when you show them that you are little bit of a human. So if you can laugh at your own mistakes and give as good as you get, you’ll be embraced into both professional and social life.


Less hierarchy and Less bureaucracy

It is certainly different working in Asia and Middle East as hierarchy plays a huge part in the working life and social life. However, in Aussie, its different. People in business here in Australia are straight forward. It’s refreshing because it means there’s a much faster working environment and people generally communicate in a way that gets their point across.


On Fridays, We Drink!

Work-life balance in Australia, it is better obviously, and it is normal to pull longer hours in other countries. Also, other than workload, most people outside of Aussie choose to leave work later to avoid traffic and congestions with the public transport. But however Australians are different as in the key difference is that drinks on Friday or in the office is common in Australia, however most in Asian countries you would need to do it outside work out of respect.

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