All Hands on Tech: The Smartphone Way to Meditation

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It’s a New Year and with new year comes new resolutions and great things to achieve! Due to our fast paced life, we need to always be aware of the ways to keep ourselves in check—this is also in regards to health conditions too! What is the best possible way to calm your nerves after a hectic day at work then having an application that helps with meditation?!

With that being said, we need more meditation applications more than ever !

Below are some of the applications for having a peace of mind:



Headspace is an app that believes there is nothing more important than looking after the health of the mind, so they have made it their mission to get people everywhere to look after this precious resource by sitting to meditate for a few minutes a day, every day. When this simple activity is considered no more strange than taking a shower. Headspace has raised $38.3 million and has used those funds, in part, to create quirky advertisements, like the one above. The app makes meditation simple and fast. 10 minutes a day is all you need. Users focus their mindfulness on areas of concern, like health, performance, or relationships, and their journey is tracked in the app.



Muse is an application that helps with meditation with a futuristic headband. It is a brain-sensing technology use to measure whether your mind is calm or active, and translates those signals into guiding sounds. InteraXon, the Toronto-based company that created Muse, has raised over $18 million. With its hardware and software, the company is working toward the ability to control objects with our minds.

How to function this application? Simple!

First, begin by connecting Muse to the app on your mobile device via Bluetooth. You only need to do this once. Once paired, Muse will automatically try to link to the last device it connected to.

If it is your first time on Muse, you’ll be led through a simple tutorial that teaches you how to adjust the headband for a good fit and to ensure it’s reading your brain signals correctly. Muse gives you feedback about your meditation in real time by translating your brain signals into the sounds of wind. When your mind is calm and settled, you hear calm and settled winds. When your mind is active the winds will pick up and blow.

After each session, you’ll see how you did through a series of graphs and charts. Track your progress over time and earn points to unlock new features. Muse will show you how your brain did from moment to moment through simple, easy to understand graphs and charts. View your whole session at once, find out the amount of time you remained calm during a session and get helpful tips on how to improve future scores.



Calm is a simple mindfulness meditation app that brings clarity and peace of mind into your life. This meditation app uses sounds and series, such as seven or 21-day courses, to guide users toward a meditation practice. Calm has hundreds of thousands of paying users and has been generating revenue since day one.



Shift your state of mind in minutes. Experience calm or energy when you need it most. Thync combines neuroscience and technology in an elegant featherweight design. The App enables users to select and control Thync Vibes – proprietary neurosignaling waveforms that deliver a feeling of calm or energy within minutes.



What about hypnotherapy? HelloMind offers hypnotherapy treatments like ones for overcoming stress, anxiety, insomnia, and weight gain. Find a comfortable spot and let the audio guide you. These are not for the commitment-phobic, though–many treatments have several 35-minute sessions. The app does offer quick booster treatments on topics like improved confidence and increased motivation.





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