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The most memorable team building events are the ones that don’t feel like a day in the office. They are usually activities that aim to draw in leadership lessons or practical takeaways.  Spending time together, sharing an experience or working towards a common goal allows bonding to happen more organically and it is far effective!


Kitchen Cookoff

The great energy efficiency challenge !

With some simple planning and preparation you can cook just about anything you need to keep you alive and healthy through any disruption.

What are the cooking options? Assume that any cooking that you will be doing is outside in this grid-down scenario. No cooking with open flame should be done indoors and that includes using your big stainless steel propane grill. Fumes are toxic and can hurt you so keep it outside for safety. For instance you can cook out door with wood stoves, backward grill, campfire, campfire, camping stoves, rocket stove, lanterns and solar.


Locked Ups

Are you looking for an exciting activity to do with your team? Are you organizing an event for your colleagues? Sherlocked is an experience which will bond your team for a day, but you will talk about the challenge the whole week. The Escape the Room games are great in developing communication and problem solving skills. After each game, we will evaluate your team, so you will learn what are your strengths and weaknesses. It also enhances critical thinking, which is a useful skill in every type of job.


Survivor: Corporate Edition

In true survivor fashion, you will see your team working, laughing and learning together. On arrival your team will be divided into teams. Throughout Corporate Survivors, your tribes are tested and challenged with a series of physical and problem solving challenges. Based on survival skills (with a twist!) each challenge becomes more and more mentally demanding as they progress through the event – because other tribes will naturally form alliances and sabotage the leading tribes’ performance.


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