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We all come from various experiences and these experiences shapes our perspectives towards qualities and approaches necessary to make an effective leader. Bear in mind that not all situations require the same type of leadership style. Great leaders capable in adapting to their surrounding environments and empower the team to succeed together.

Let this be the year you become the leader you want to be. Whether it’s in your business and in your life.


  1. Focus

To be a good leader, don’t just major in minor things. Be less distracted than your competitors. In order to get a few critical things done, you must develop incredible selective ignorance. Otherwise, the trivial will drown you.


  1. Confidence

A leader instills confidence and ‘followership’ by having a clear vision, showing empathy and being a strong coach. As a female leader, to be recognized you  might feel the need to show up with swagger and assertiveness, yet always try to maintain a certain pride that underscores kindness and generosity. The two work well together in gaining respect.


  1. Transparency

Don’t buy into the concept of ‘wearing the mask.’ As a leader, the only way to engender trust and buy-in from the team and with your colleagues is to be 100 percent authentically—open, sometimes flawed, but always passionate about your work. It has allowed me the freedom to be fully present and consistent.


  1. Integrity

The employees are a direct reflection of the values we embody as leaders. If we’re playing from a reactive and obsolete playbook of needing to be right instead of doing what’s right, then we limit the full potential of our business and lose quality talent. Be focus on becoming authentic in all your interactions, that will rub off on your business and your culture, and the rest takes care of itself.


  1. Inspiration

Leader are driven, driven by ambition. Great inspiration and fantastic advice is what makes a leader, and that will fuel people’s beliefs and an internal drive and passion. Power of inspiration, can stand on my shoulders to achieve greatness.


  1. Passion

Love what you do. Be obsess over it and let it consume you. No matter how successful your business might become, you are never satisfied and constantly push to do something bigger, better and greater.


  1. Innovation

Innovation is essential for not only success but also survival. The innovators are leaders. Whether it is by thought, technology or organization, innovation is our only hope to solve our challenges.


  1. Patience

The path to great things is always tough, but the best leaders understand when to abandon the cause and when to stay the course. Patience is really courage that’s meant to test your commitment to your cause. If your vision is bold enough, there will be hundreds of reasons why it ‘can’t be done’ and plenty of doubters.


  1. Generosity

Be generous when it comes to knowledge and always be ready to share. We all grow and our experiences shape us as a whole, sharing those experiences would only make us grow!


  1. Communication

Express your expectations. The people I work with are in constant communication. Communication is a balancing act. We always want people to tell us their thoughts and ideas, that’s why we have all these talented people working with us.


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