The Tech Stories You Can Expect to Drive Change in Australia

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Technology is the core to human existence and is vital to Australia as much as it is to the rest of the world. It encompasses the process of invention and innovation. However, being inventive and innovative doesn’t necessarily mean that business people are expected to reinvent the wheel.




Invention and innovation can be implemented to improve a product or service. So, here’s a rundown of exciting tech stories to start the ball rolling this week:


1. Ozflix

An innovative Australian streaming entertainment platform will be making its debut on Australia Day.  Ozflix, which majors in Australian movies like Mad Max and Muriel’s Wedding. Ozflix will be launching into a crowded online streaming media market conquered by Netflix and Amazon, along with Australia’s neighborhood players Stan and Foxtel. Ozflix will be beginning its mission to collect every “Aussie” films ever made and making them accessible to both their local and international audience. Over the first few years, Ozflix will consistently add more Australian movies and will never be deleted. The movies will cost between $3.79 and $6.79 for view.


2. Avaya

The qualified technician service, Avaya is doing well in Australia after its bankruptcy back in November 2016. Avaya has weighed a chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in the US to reduce their debt. Locally, business has been running smooth and thus, Avaya has taken a step towards software and services. The company remains to continue providing world-class call center solutions, unified communication technologies and fabric-based networking solutions to Australian business.


3. Fintech Pennybox

For years, Australian school children have been learning the fundamentals of banking and saving through the Commonwealth Bank’s Dollarmites program. Fintech Pennybox has found a new play on Dollarmites.

Pennybox will modernize the way kids create money related proficiency with its new application. They will be able to interact with their parents about money. Parents can distribute chores on the app and provide dollar values to them. Kids can track how much they saved, spend and request a cash out just like an ordinary bank account. The best feature about this is that the parents can either accept or decline, which makes this app responsible and keeps the kids motivated.


4. Fraudsters have been acting like staff from the government’s cybercrime reporting project ACORN to trap individuals into giving them cash.

iTnews reports that fraudsters have been putting on a show, acting like an ACORN staff member, to persuade individuals that they have recouped stolen items that will be returned after a $99 handling expense.


5. Meitu

The Chinese smart phone app Meitu has transformed the world of selfie images and is taking over Australia by storm. Meitu provides all the essential tools for touching up photos that can be styled anytime. The app changes over your selfies into anime-like pictures, now who wouldn’t want something cute on their phones? However, it does need some form of intrusive permission to be installed on your handset.



Image Credit: a future that works 


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