Strengthen Your Leadership Identity with Your Personal Brand

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Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower

To embrace the innovative mentality, your first step should be strengthening and comprehending your leadership identity. With that comes a question that we should bear in mind: What is your leadership identity?

A leadership identity is what defines you, who your influences are and how you influence the corporate growth. So, what is your leadership identity? Leadership identity can also be your personal brand and its value of proposition too.

The idea of personal branding is the success that comes from how you authentically present and market yourself and your career as an individual. A lot of leaders talk about personal branding, but few connect it to leadership in this way and thus hold themselves accountable to it to evolve.


A leader is the one of knows the way, goes the way and shows the way

To have an innovation mentality, a leader should have a significant desire, it doesn’t have to be a successful one but it has to be courageous! To be authentic, you need to be vulnerable too in order to understand people and what their brand represents.


Does your brand solve any opportunity gaps?

If you have a lack of understanding of to what your answer should be to this question, then you are unable to strengthen your personal brands.

Well.. here are few questions for you to ponder upon

  1. What is unique about the way you think?
  2. What gives you distinction as a leader?
  3. What impact do others expect from your presence?
  4. What type of solutions do you consistently deliver?


Keep your answers to four words or fewer if possible, and remember there are no wrong answers. Write them down. As you do, keep in mind that the categories and questions are sequential, and each of them builds on one another. They tell the story of your personal brand value proposition. This sequence and story is essential to understanding who and what you serve, what others can expect from your leadership, what your personal brand value proposition is and solves for and how your leadership identity influences the business. Don’t just say these words; realize this power.

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