Entrepreneurs Share Their Strategies for Better Operative Days

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We all have those days when we don’t look forward to our least desirable routine. Ever pondered on how to make the most of your least favorite routine?


First things first, plan ahead of time by T.J. Allan, owner, Ageless Fitness, Gillespie, Ill.

Its best to set an agenda a week ahead of time. It allows employees to comment on it prior to the meeting and also it gives them ample amount of time to set priorities straight and stick to the agenda.


Sociocracy by Abhishek Gupta, technical consultant, Creative n Innovative Research, Jaipur, India

It is no doubt that one has to be holistic and use the principles of consent decision making to make meetings valuable. This is a system that includes an approach of decision making, effective governance and the ongoing evaluation and improvement of the organization.


One Call Action by Aidah Omar, consultant, Leads Gen Expert Pte Ltd., Singapore 

Stand up, get energized, move fast!

Organize a meeting in the morning as early as 8 in the morning, get everybody to stand up and state their goals for the day. Get this done within fifteen minutes, with full force and a boosting sense of energy.


Take down the Minutes by Sandi Danilowitz, founder/CEO, The Health Engine, Toronto 

Ensure to have someone to take notes on actionable items, a secretary if possible. Makes sure everything is written down precisely from ‘When, Where, Who, What and How’. This would help to move things along and make the meetings more meaningful.


Q & A Sessions by Dylan T. Dahlquist, research assistant, Canadian Sport Institute Pacific,Victoria, B.C.

Before dismissing the crowd, get people to state their concerns, questions or doubts beforehand. Without this step, people will be at their confused state of mind throughout and after the meeting. By clearing the air, it makes the team more focused and united.


Clarifying the task at hand by Cliff Harvey, founder, Holistic Performance Institute, Auckland, New Zealand

Some of us practice our must – dos into a Trello board for everyone to take a look at it. Then later, a roundtable meeting to clarify what needs to be clarified. Verbalizing what is written makes everybody have a clearer picture of the task at hand.


Stay on top of things by Andrea Spirov, CEO, The Boss Food Company, Houston, Tex

When the discussion starts to digress and it isn’t productive, peers may be hesitant to stop it. A leader will suggest that we discuss the new topic at a later time. Post-meeting to decide whether to handle via email, call or another meeting.







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