Entrepreneurs, Remember to H.A.L.T for Better Decision Making

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Entrepreneurship : A journey that often illuminates a part of your personality!

There are many types of people. Some are naturally stressed, while others are chilled. But most entrepreneurs that we have heard and read about are usually a worrier who tries on stress. How do you make it an advantage though? Now that’s a million dollar question!


A leader usually takes up the stress upon themselves and fuels it to be an ambition. This stress brings up perks like enabling one to cultivate a team that performs at their finest!


Remember to H.A.L.T

H.A.L.T stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired. This is a framework that posits that people are more likely to trigger the negative of stress and make bad decisions when they are dealing with unrelated afflictions.



Entrepreneurs push themselves harder than most people. It is common to skip meals and eat poorly while juggling and focusing the task at hand. Bad decisions are made while stressed and hungry however this does not limit to physical hunger,  the hunger for results, success and action are equally powerful triggers.

Ensure you identify spiritual hunger and physical hunger before you make a decision!



Anger such as frustrations give into the more primal versions of ourselves. The best advice I can offer entrepreneurs faced with making tough decisions is to identify anger before it takes hold and recognize that it can take unexpected forms.



Even when you are surrounded with supported network, you will feel like a lonely endeavor. Peers are important, as the loneliness of responsibility can be overwhelming.

Caution; when those feelings take hold, bad decisions follow.

To entrepreneurs who are feeling like you stand alone for what you believe in and for what you do. All you need is someone to listen and understand entrepreneurs who have been there and dealt with it.



Have you made the mistake of wearing my exhaustion as a badge of honor? Taken pride with the fact that you could outwork anyone and push forward with little to no sleep? The ability to make good decisions will suffer as a result.

Proper rest is all that you need ! So, turn off your devices before heading to bed, and get a good solid nap. Disconnecting is easier said than done, but it has dramatically improved the quality of rest.



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