Your Top Priority Should be Attracting the Right Online Traffic

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Generate the Right Traffic Numbers You’re Looking for with Online Marketing

There is more to an online marketing firm than a lot of people would have guessed. Not only does online marketing generate the number of traffic by viewing ads. Most importantly, they generate the number of people viewing your site.

To succeed in online marketing, you need to prove that your business can meet the needs of customers. Due to this, online marketers have started putting in less attention on making a better pitch to the traffic that they are currently are having.

So, what if people who visit your site are genuinely interested in buying the products being sold on displayed on the website itself? This could only mean that a clear majority of traffic users are interested in window shopping?

With that in mind, we have listed six reasons why you should focus on the quality of traffic before thinking about changing or revamping your website.


  1. You might be attracting the wrong crowd

It is crucial to create ads that appeal to your ideal audience. For an instance, imagine running an AdWords campaign, you could bid on keywords like ‘sparkle princess kitten’ and get a lot of clicks but that is if you are only selling glittery toy cats, none of your other clicks would be potential customers for your business. And to make matters worse, you would have to pay for all those worthless clicks.


  1. Save money by engaging with the right traffic

By eliminating the campaigns that are driving the wrong traffic to your site, you can save a lot of money. Remember, you are getting rid of clicks that are coasting you money and not getting rid of the traffic itself.

Heard of CRO, Conversion Rate Optimization?  People usually think of side modification strategies like A/B testing, not traffic. We have seen a conversion rate go from average to the top ten percent in one fell swoop.


  1. Make necessary changes to your online traffic as a vital head start

If two companies start improving their sites with A/B testing at the same time, but one has already optimized its traffic, then — even if both sites produce the same number of sales — the one with better traffic will always have a higher profit margin.

What’s more, this extra profit can be reinvested into outbidding competitors on truly relevant keywords so that your company gets more of the right traffic, and your rivals get less.


  1. Spend time going through a “Trial and Error” process

It is no doubt that there are plenty of sites out there that will promise to double, triple your conversion rate in thirty days or less. That is not possible if you have crummy website then the changes you need might be so obvious that a good marketer could figure them out in a matter of weeks.


  1. Test the right traffic

Good tests have good samples

Experiments should be done on a ‘representative sample’. Which means, your test subjects should look like the people you want to apply your results to. if you start A/B testing when 75 percent of your traffic isn’t interested, then you’re basically making the same mistake. A sample of true potential customers will give your test much more reliable data than a sample of “sparkle princess kitten” fans.


  1. Traffic- centric markets

The last reasons to change your traffic first depend on your market. Some industries have much higher cost-per-click than others.

Basically the higher your CPC, the more you stand to gain from eliminating useless clicks. On the flip side of this equation, the lower your sale value is, the more important it is to cut down on overhead and get rid of irrelevant clicks.

If your business requires traffic and conversions to survive, then you have a lot to gain from ensuring that your online marketing is producing the highest quality clicks possible.






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