The Mysteries of Coming Up with New Ideas

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Practice discipline and you would know how to become successful. To perform well, you will need to practice it several times. Being creative is no exception too.

Discipline is Key says James Altucher, the American hedge fund manager, entrepreneur and bestselling author. He’s founded 20 companies, where 17 of them failed, and three have been made into huge successes.

With 17 titles to his name, he is a prolific writer, including The Power of No. The Tools of Titans, Tim Ferris’ latest book, inspired most of us. In this book, Ferris writes how he has never seen anyone build a large, committed readership faster than Altucher has.

If you can’t generate 10, generate 20 ideas

How is this possible you may ask? Every morning, write ten of your ideas on a tablet or in a tiny notebook. This would help you generate your thinking better. However, never expect your ideas to be perfect, as perfectionism can be your greatest enemy.

Your brain protects you from coming up with an idea that is embarrassing and stupid that may cause you to suffer. However, with a bit of effort, you can surpass the impulse of coming up with bad ideas.

Entrepreneurs need to embrace the notion of there’s no need to do things perfectly, its just a matter of getting it done ‘properly’.

Discipline and Creativity are Intertwined

Writing ideas every day in a notebook helps with exercising your creative muscles its usually hard to focus when you are doing it for the first time. Eventually ideas were like apples, and its like having a bountiful apple tree in the backyard. Whenever you want it, you can go pick an apple off that tree.

Being inspired by talented people and making things are magical

If you want to be creative, you must be both courageous and disciplined

Embracing a childlike sense of wonder is essential, but so is the fortitude to carve time out of your schedule to make that a priority! That’s kind of funny, when you think about it. But why shouldn’t play demand our dedication?

Forcing yourself to go through the motions builds confidence

It’s not as if some of us are creative and some of us are not. In a 2012 TED talk, David Kelly, the legendary founder of IDEO and a professor at the design school at Stanford describes how most of us lose our creative confidence during elementary school.

So, really, abandon the need to be perfect. Try to come up with as many ideas you can. Because, if you can get good at coming up with truly terrible ideas, you’re going to generate some good ones along the way.



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