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Could a cyber-attack or natural disaster stop your business operating suddenly and permanently? 

Our partnerships, locally and further abroad, bring unique solutions, that set elasticus apart from others.

elasticus know that business disruptions are common place, we all hear about major outages and interruptions in the media, on a daily basis.

These disruptions can have a devastating impact, whereby companies can cease to operate, through internal forces such as single points of failure, human error, technology failure, or external threats such as natural disasters, hackers or supplier related.

Regardless if you are a small business or multi-national company, you have worked hard to develop your reputation and customer base.  We don’t want your business to become tomorrow’s news headline.

At elasticus we have a vision to see people, and companies, along with communities recover quickly from difficulties, by establishing a form of toughness or elasticity that hold all of us in good stead.

By doing the correct planning and preparation, the impact of a major disruption can effectively be minimised to ensure regulatory requirements are met, and importantly keep customers and members of the public connected, whilst your business returns to normal operations.

elasticus is a resilience resourcing specialist for audit, risk management, business continuity management, supply chain management, IT service continuity and IT security.


Core services provided by elasticus

People – Deploying our experts to identify and close gaps, will create opportunities to strengthen your business.  We provide excellent resilience specialists on a permanent, contract or consultancy basis who are experienced in this field.

Solutions – You have operational problems, elasticus may have the solutions!  We provide a work area recovery service ‘AltOffice’, data protection called ‘CloudSave’, network communications solutions ‘NetGo’, server hosting ‘ServerAssure’, along with a cost-effective subscription based software solutions, that can be adapted to your unique needs.

Educateelasticus is passionate about developing specialist competencies in the resilience sector.  We offer approximately fifty courses ranging from one to five days in duration, to strengthen the resilience of your business in the fields of Risk, Quality, Business Continuity, Information Security and Information Technology Service Management.


elasticus founder – Tim Rippon


Tim Rippon Resilience Director

Tim is a Board Member at the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) Australasia.  He holds a certified Master for Information Security (ISO 27001) and Business Continuity (ISO 22301) from PECB.  Tim was presented the ‘Continuity and Resilience Professional (Private Sector)’ award at the 2015 Australasian BCI Awards.


What is the first step to strengthen the resilience of my business?

To commence the journey, we offer a free one hour ‘resilience review’ session and provide a brief report with three or more areas of improvement.

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Footprint of Neil Armstong’s first step on the moon

These sessions focus on your current planning arrangements, to better understand what controls and contingencies are in place.

At least one item identified can be resolved at little or no cost.

To take up this offer, contact us on the details provided below.




 +61 1800 753 139




In modern Latin elasticus means being able to resume its normal shape spontaneously after being stretched or compressed; being able to encompass much variety and change; flexible and adaptable; and involving no decrease of kinetic energy

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