There’s No Age Bar For Starting Your Own Business

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Passion, plans, and a great work ethic always comes to play when you’re venturing out into a new business. There will never be a perfect age or a perfect time.

Any motivation to move forward is good. A good business idea can strike at any age, so don’t be too afraid to take down some inspirations below and ride your own business express. All aboard!


Madison Robinson 


Madison Robinson launched her business at only 12 years old (now 19). She the founder of the eccentric kids’ shoes empire, FishFlops and has sold a groundbreaking 400,000 sets of her trendy kids’ shoes.

It all started when Madison’s father took interest in her kids’ flip-flop designs and could discover her talent for them. Hence, the production of the flip-flops was a soaring success and had opened Madison’s entrepreneurial skills in working with shipments and sketching designs.

All hands-on deck, Madison is currently majoring in business at Texas A&M, which would be the right push into the tween and grown-up business sectors.



Image Credit: USA Today

Jeff Platt

Sky Zone

Jeff Platt was 21 years old when he collaborated with his dad to create what was innocently intended to create a professional trampoline sport, Sky Zone. Due to the increasing demand for trampolines in their community, Jeff thought it was a great opportunity to open new doors for the business. At 31 years, old now, Jeff has taken over the business. Most importantly, he realized that he wouldn’t want to oversee everyday operations of the stores and so, moved the development of franchising. Currently, there’s 165 trampoline centers in five nations, with $248 million in revenue back in 2015.



Image Credit: CNBC

Courtney Adeleye

Mane Choice

Courtney Adeleye (now 36), is the founder of the haircare line business, Mane Choice. The haircare line is sold at Rite Aid, Sally Beauty Supply and Target; it hit $6.5 million in income in 2015. Courtney was driven into the beauty and hair business due to her own struggles with finding the right product for her hair. It was only when she started to lose a small portion of her hair that drove Courtney into finding the right solution for a right hair conditioner.


Image Credit: Coffee with America 


Lisa Tomasi


Lisa Tomasi kick started her business at 48 years old and is the founder of YouGiveGoods. The business was launched to provide and ship a million pounds of foods to local food banks.

The aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti back in 2010, Lisa felt it was necessary to help the people that were affected by the disaster and felt it was needed to give back in terms of food and supplies. Consider the possibility that there was a site where you could purchase products that nonprofit organizations needed. Hence, Lisa launched her food supplying website to local food banks and well-rounded volunteers.



Image Credit: Twitter 


Mark Snow


Mark Snow is the founded a digital design business called SafelyField at the age of 61 years old. (now 67), SafelyFiled.

Mark’s professional experience in helping people start their own businesses has made him realize that it was his time to finally launch a company of his own.

SafelyFiled is a company that serves as a storage systems for paper and digital documents. The Leverage of being more established is that you have connections you’ve worked over years and Mark has raised $600,000, and is currently in the last phases of reaching out to 2 enormous partnerships.



Image Credit: VentureBeat 

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