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Who evaluates the performance of a chief executive?

Dr. Soder is the nation’s leading advisors to highest executives, corporations and boards for years. Deemed “the country’s foremost assessment expert,” “CEO’s consigliere,” “legendary advisor,” and “clairvoyant” by WSJ, Fortune, CNN, CBS Marketwatch, NPR and others, Soder smoothly combines psychological acumen, business savvy practices, testing expertise, and common sense. Soder saw the need for a service combining business and psychology in 1986, starting an assessment and advisory firm to fill the void. In the process, she pioneered a new industry, executive coaching.

Here are Soder’s top three approaches:

Seek outside counsel

Why seek for outside counsel? One of the main reasons to hire outside counsel is credibility. Investigations by inside counsel are subject to suspicion as biased or, worse, as a whitewash. Outside counsel bring (or should bring) both independence and expertise to the table.

Reflect daily

It’s a new year ! it’s the perfect time to reflect on what you have done last year and learn from it. The habit of reflection is something that you should developed pretty strongly this year. It is best to set aside 30 to 60 minutes each day to write down your thoughts. It been practiced long championed by management guru Tom Peters. Journaling gives you time “to listen to that nagging suspicion, the instinct that tells you something’s off,” Soder says.

Reflection helps you learn from your mistakes, if we reflect on mistakes and we can see how to prevent them in the future.

Hire an excellent assistant

Soder believes that having a good assistant means having a good judgement. We’re not talking about the fastest typist, as everybody can type. To get somebody who judges well, you have to hire someone with years of experience.

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