Five Company Cues You Should Keep An Eye For At A Job Interview

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Don’t we all agree that as soon as we accept a job offer our problems will soon be over. Job seekers often says they need a job that is simply because they require the cash. But have you ever wondered what is it like landing on the wrong company?

First things first, not all jobs are the same and not all jobs are for you. Some employers simply don’t deserve you, and if you take a job working for one of them you’ll realize the horrible truth within a week or two of starting the job.

If you are working for the wrong person, you would possibly feel sick after sometime. If this happens, you would most likely feel diligent on your next job search, and maybe the one after that.

Below are five clues to a company’s culture that you can spot when you are on a job interview:


Taking time to decide

Have you ever been to a job interview which required you to visit the office repeatedly? And in that job interview, there were so many people in it that you lose track of their names? There is no need for you to meet half the people on the payroll for them to decide if they should hire you or not. Companies that take forever to make hiring decisions and involve too many people in the decision are organizations where nobody dares to decide on their own.


Disorganization in the interview is a Red Flag

Were you put into a situation where you were supposed to meet you are out for the day or never knew you were coming, that’s another bad sign! Too much disorganization in the interview process (accompanied by little or no concern for your time) is a big red flag.



There are times when you can see, hear and feel hostility right in the job interview conversation. Some interviewers are unaware on how to defuse hostility when it arises and get on with the task of gathering information. With common sense and patience, you can get through the hostility hurdle.


Are the employees relaxed, or tense?

Always be attentive! Pay attention to the employees you don’t get to meet for an instance the people who are sitting at their desks, walking around the facility and meeting in conference rooms. Listen to snippets of their conversations and you will learn a lot about the culture. Is it friendly and casual, or ‘strictly business?’ Read their body language.


Access the people you meet

Lastly, pay attention between the communication you have with the employer during the hiring process. Once you have met the hiring manager, you are able to access the person. If the hiring manager doesn’t have time to read and respond to your email and/or voice mail messages now, when will they have time for you?



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