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Feast your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.

No doubt, if you are an entrepreneur you are required to travel. You will have to go out of the city to meet with partners, mentors, clients or maybe even employees. Don’t forget, you must attend press conferences and seminars too!

Now that traveling is an obligation, you will need some help to make sure you get to all your destinations safely, consistently and on time. Today, we live in the magnificent smartphone era, there is an app almost everything including the travel needs of entrepreneurs.

If you find yourself traveling frequently as a business owner, make sure you download these apps:

  1. Uber

Uber has grown rapidly, it has become one of the most popular apps in the world. With the touch of a button, you can order a personal driver to come pick up and drive you to your destination.


Tap each ride option to see wait time, size, and price. Then enter your pickup location and tap request—your driver will arrive in minutes.


Your ride comes to you. You’ll see your driver’s contact information and vehicle details in the app, so you know you’re getting in the right car.

Pay and go

Hop out and rate your driver when you reach your destination. We automatically charge the credit card on file, so you never need cash.

Uber is currently active in hundreds of cities around the world, so whether you need a ride to your hotel from the airport or a travel delay has compromised your original plans, Uber will be there to bail you out.


  1. Trunkster

Trunkster, originally funded on Kickstarter and one of the best-funded travel-related campaigns in the site’s history, Trunkster lets you know exactly where your luggage is at all times. That means you don’t have to worry about its being stolen or lost by airport personnel.

The GPS tracker is great as it lets you keep track of things. Simply use the Trunkster app on your smart phone to locate it and that’s it.

  1. TripCase

TripCase is an app that focuses on itinerary management. When you get a confirmation email or itinerary notice, you can forward it to a designated email address, and TripCase will automatically analyze the message and reduce it to its most important bits of data. Then, you can access your TripCase app and manage all of your travel components in one place.

In other words, it Auto-imports, forwards your email and adds your details.

Auto-import: If you booked through a TripCase affiliate, lucky you! Your trip details will already be in your TripCase account.

Forward your email: Forward your confirmation emails to and we’ll do the work for you.

Add your own details: Add a new trip from the mobile app or website. Once you are logged in, you will see the option to create a trip. From there TripCase walks you through a few easy steps.


  1. Lola

Lola was established to give more people access to a premium level of travel care. The Lola app instantly connects people to their team of travel consultants who find hotels, research vacation dreams, book flights and anything else our customers need. Lola also helps while you are on your trips. In short, Lola takes care of your members’ every travel need.


  1. Currency

Currency is an essential for international travelers. A powerful yet simple currency converter, Currency provides up-to-date exchange rates for over 150 currencies and countries! Great for when you travel abroad. The app tracks currency values in real time and helps you convert between any two international currencies.


  1. Bravolol

Are you going to soon make a trip to a foreign country that doesn’t speak English? If that’s the case, then you should download Bravolol. The app will be able to teach you dozens of different popular languages, making it a must-have tool for the international traveler.


  1. GateGuru

GateGuru is the first door-to-door solution for a traveler on their day-of travel. GateGuru on the mobile device can radically transform your day-of travel experience, and they look forward to you joining them in the ride!


  1. Hipmunk

Hipmunk offers the most comprehensive travel search, from commercial flights, trains, and charter flights to hotels and vacation rentals through Airbnb. Hipmunk’s website, mobile app, and AI-powered bots help save time and money by comparing top travel sites to show the perfect flight or hotel at the cheapest price. The unique display makes it easy to visually compare results to choose the best option.


  1. LoungeBuddy

Regardless of whether you are traveling for business or leisure, lounge access can help you make the most of your airport experience. LoungeBuddy makes it easy to find your airport’s dedicated lounge, and allows you to purchase access to the lounge the day of travel or up to two months in advance. If you frequent airport lounges, it’s an app you need to have.

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