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A company run by students for students in an effort to help them transition from passionate academics to successful professionals.

InternMe Australia was created by two students (Jayden Kafanelis and Dylan Trickey) in an effort to aid and assist in the transition from education to employment. There’s currently a nebulous gap between universities and companies that InternMe are looking to close. In doing so, InternMe are combating the difficulties that students and graduates experience when trying to secure real world placement and employment, equally helping to ensure that companies can find the most talented individuals for their workplace, it’s a win win outcome.

InternMe’s online platform is a free service for all students and graduates and their objective is to remain free to use for their fellow academics as we are a representative of them and genuinely understand the challenges they face.

They have developed this platform in the HR managers and recruiter’s best interests. InternMe believes that their model saves HR managers time, money and resources as well as providing them with access to a niche university population to market too. Companies will not be charged advertising fees, subscription fees, recruiter costs or any hidden costs but will be charged $500 placement fees when they place or employ an individual from InternMe.

The platform allows students to build “3D resumes” of themselves. Students and graduates are required to fill out all the required information from their university course they are studying, job roles and job types they are seeking (part time, full time, internship etc.). InternMe has given them the ability to upload virtual portfolios where they can demonstrate their capabilities related to their field of study, upload profile pictures and provide biographies and self assessed skillsets.  InternMe are looking to implement video resumes in the future along with IM chat for companies and applicants to speed up the employment process.

Companies will have the ability to create their company profile from which they can post jobs to specific demographics. Eight filters are available for companies to use to help them review and shortlist applicants alongside other site functionality that will help them to secure the best candidate for their job role. Companies can archive profiles and share profiles with their management team and in addition can use our platform to find individuals from any field, such as marketing, IT or Biotechnology for any job type; Full time, Part time, Freelance etc.
InternMe is tackling the issue of academic employment with a focus on optimizing the company recruitment process with the aim of challenging the current methodologies whilst substituting them in their view with more efficient solutions.




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