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WARDY IT Solutions is Australia’s leading provider of Microsoft Data Platform consultants, trainers, and Data Analytics specialists

Founded in 2004 by Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP), Peter Ward. Today, WARDY IT Solutions is Australia’s steadfast supplier of Microsoft Data Platform experts, coaches, and Data Analytics specialists.

As more and more organizations look to implement various different delivery models, clients are expecting more from professional service practices and are requesting support services to assist with managing their changing platform requirements. Professional services firms are often ill-equipped to provide this support due to scale, systems and process or 24×7 support may not be part of their current product offering.


WARDY IT Solutions’ Virtual DBA Service

One of the most important components in the IT environment is the database. The award-winning Virtual DBA service by WARDY IT Solutions provides businesses with a cost-effective solution for the everyday difficulties of accessibility, execution, and administration of critical Microsoft SQL Server databases.


WARDY IT Solutions take care of your database so you can look after the rest


24 x 7 x 365 monitoring of your database

WARDY IT Solutions’ team of Microsoft Certified  DBAs in Australia watch over your databases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every week of the year.


Be notified of issues before they happen

When databases fall flat, your business comes to a standstill. WARDY IT Solutions can identify the early warning signs before the problem intensifies. WARDY IT notify their clients of issues rather than waiting for a call from them.


Uphold visibility of your servers

WARDY IT Solutions maintain a detailed log of all database changes from key advancements to routine administrative tasks. Thus, clients can access the details at their own convenience. WARDY IT configures their monitoring technology and set thresholds tailored to your environment.


No holidays, sickness, super, training costs expenses or PAYG

Most companies struggle to confirm uphold having a SQL Server support staff on the payroll. The Virtual DBA service provides you with the experts, as and when you need them.


WARDY IT Solutions supports cloud or on-premise

Public, partner, private cloud or on-premise, WARDY IT Solutions take care of your databases no matter where they reside.


Microsoft SQL Server

WARDY IT Solutions, supports all databases from Microsoft SQL Server 2000-2016. This includes Microsoft Reporting Services, Integration Services, and Analysis Services.


Daily Healthchecks

WARDY IT Solutions, sends out a detailed report, regarding the status of your SQL Servers to a list of email recipients defined by you. This is done daily.


Steadfast Account Manager

WARDY IT Solutions assigns a dedicated account manager to each of their clients. Their account manager will plan consistent reviews to ensure you’re taking full advantage of your Virtual DBA Plan.


On shift, not on call  

WARDY IT Solutions provide 100% on shift support. From their head office in Brisbane, WARDY IT Solutions utilizes a roster to ensure that expert SQL Server DBAs cover every minute of the day.


More than just monitoring

WARDY IT Solutions jumps at the chance to go beyond and provide a proactive service for their clients. From fixing issues to managing upgrades and licensing, WARDY IT Solutions has it all!


One flat fee  

WARDY IT Solutions designs the plans that are specifically arranged around the level of service a client requires. Their clients pay a flat monthly fee with no unexpected surprises.


For more information visit WARDY IT Solutions website on  or send them an email at




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