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Knowledge Bird helps clients scale their service delivery and support functions by directing on knowledge management.

Knowledge Bird is a boutique consultancy specializing in knowledge management. Knowledge Bird look at the knowledge base software that might already exist in the organization, as well as the processes, governance and knowledge sharing practices that may, or may not, be in place; and Knowledge Bird considers all the opportunities for improvement.

There are three common scenarios. Firstly, small-medium enterprises that have had a simple wiki or knowledge base, such as Confluence, grow organically over the years and become unwieldy and difficult to navigate. Secondly, larger organizations that have implemented a complex CRM platform, such as Oracle Service Cloud, but without any consideration of how to approach the creation and maintenance of knowledge and so aren’t getting as much value from their investment as they could be. Thirdly, organizations with existing knowledge sharing platforms but lack of engagement.

What are the benefits of knowledge management?

Improved knowledge management can transform an organization into an effective knowledge-sharing team with benefits in four main areas.

  • Improved productivity

Impaired employee productivity is a reality no business can ignore. Maintaining and enhancing productivity in the workplace is not always very easy to accomplish. Knowledge Bird helps clients boil these struggles down to simple concepts. Knowledge Bird does much more than just focus on technology as the be-all and end-all. Knowledge Bird provides actionable insights to improve people’s collaboration with one another , and to improve their interactions with work-related documents and information.

  • Improved time to resolve customer queries

Knowledge management is far reaching. Effective knowledge management can dramatically increase your support team’s speed of response as a direct result of better knowledge access and application. Clients can discover the best approaches to solving problems, and reuse those solutions over and over again.

  • Improved employee retention and time to proficiency

Clients are able to improve their employees’ retention and time to proficiency through Knowledge Bird. Knowledge Bird guides clients through establishing a knowledge leadership team and communication plan for the organizational change required to ensure a knowledge base remains useful and clients’ creation and maintenance workflow successful. Through workshops and regular scheduled meetings, Knowledge Bird will work together to define roles and responsibilities, and how the new day-to-day activities and measurements flow onto required changes to existing tools.

  • Unlock opportunities for innovation and problem solving

When a knowledge base is healthy and actively managed, it can be a source of insights into your organization. By monitoring how often a solution is reused to solve customer queries, you can uncover long-term issues and fix the source of the problem. And, by making knowledge base creation and maintenance a team sport—through integrating knowledge processes into your day-to-day routines—your employees will recover time to spend on new project and ideas; something that doesn’t happen when they’re too busy fighting fires and re-working solutions to problems that have come up many times before.


Aprill Allen, founder and principal consultant of Knowledge Bird, won the Australian White Paper of the Year in 2011 from the IT Service Management Forum for A Simple Guide to Creating a Knowledge Base. Currently, she volunteers as Board member and National Events Director for ITSMF Australia. Her background in technical support and network operations has driven her interest in helping organizations find the answers they already have, faster. She is particularly passionate about working to improve the relationship between IT support and their colleagues, which is how she came to be so heavily involved with the IT Service Management Forum.



Knowledge Bird


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