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Legal AU Pty Ltd provides law related services that are quick, efficient and cost effective. They achieve these results through virtual processing on law matters of Property, Construction, Business, Family, Wills & Probate, Visas, Etc.  Being an online law services provider in Australia, Legal AU allows clients to take control of their wants, needs and cost in an efficient environment, anywhere and anytime.

Legal AU Pty Ltd was incorporated as a legal practice in 2013, with the drive to deliver the consumer of legal services direct control of their matter as it progressed. Hence, clients can view and participate in their client file as it progresses in real time, which is done through virtual online management.

Clients of legal services all have the one common thread of complaint, which is they were ‘not informed’ and the costs of the legal services was ‘too expensive’.

Therefore, Legal AU provides direct consumer access to their client file as it progresses in a virtual environment and it gives the client control of what is occurring at that time, which enables the client to make immediate and informed choices to manage their cost. At the same time, clients can place more accountability on the lawyer to perform the required task.

Legal AU offers a unique platform, specifically built for consumer access of legal services, which allows them to be informed of every action by their lawyer who is working for them.

Eliminating the element of the lawyer with automated technology may be achieved with straight forward requirements, but with multi-level issues, it is a long way off. Hence, the ‘human factor’ cannot be automated, such as family law matters or building disputes.

Technology can reduce costs for the client while at the same time improving efficiency for the client where they have control. However, no matter what the situation may be, the clients have rights and should be informed and in control of their legal matters.

Everyone has a right to legal advice and Legal AU is giving the consumer a direct lawyer-client relationship in real time, which is collaborating, and allowing consumers to maintain control.


‘How Can I Request for Legal AU Services?’

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