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Applied Matter Systems has taken the e-commerce business to new heights  

Applied Matter Systems finds it requisite that certain  products need physical engagement a decision to buy is made, such as watches, eyewear and luxury goods.

  • Purchase via online channel of luxury goods sit at a mere 4%.
  • There is lack of continuity and engagement in customer experience – a gap exists between presentation on the screen by a merchant to when it physically arrives post-purchase.
  • There is a genuine pain point, and enormous perception of risk purchasing via this medium.
  • This risk can impact the confidence in one’s own choice of merchandise, and potential satisfaction with the purchase of these products.



Applied Matter Systems is taking care of what’s important

Applied Matter Systems has opened new doors for customers to engage with the product by allowing them to observe, feel, and experience the product.

They have improved the way customers attempt to test the products they see for sale online.  Applied Matter Systems utilizes Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), to offer a 3-Dimensional model of the products they see. Customers can ultimately receive a well-rounded sensory experience, which will help focus the customer engagement and selection process.

How it Works

  1. To get started, a user-initiated sample request can be accessed via the online store. With just a mouse click away, request a physical sample of a digitally captured good offered for sale and seen online.
  2. The print process produces a 3dimensionally exact (and photorealistic if required) model of the product grasped online, to help the customer proceed with the decision to purchase.


Most importantly, the whole backend process is invisible to the customer, but a superior customer experience is experienced first-hand.


Everything is digitized, down to the smallest detail

The main physical feature is the printout and mailing of the products to the customer requesting asking for the sample.


The Superior Finish

Superior finish via usage of  industrial jetting methods that  exceed  FDM standards. Applied Matter Systems’ main objective here is to uphold  brand equity, particularly of luxury brands.


The process is ground breaking and allows:

  • Broadening of merchant scope of products accessible for purchase (counting yet not constrained to jewelry, eyewear, extravagant watches, and so forth).
  • Appeal to demographics with normally low purchasing patterns.
  • Increase deals through an online medium
  • Increase the probability of purchase due to pre-set up value-based relationship.


The Competition

What it really comes down to is that there is no competition, they have invented and IP-protected the process and establish this market application.


Bottom line, Applied Matter Systems Facilitates Sales otherwise lost via Online Retail Channel, and Radically alters the Purchasing experience

Their tech elevates the customer experience and allows merchants the ability to gain back sales they are currently losing. This is indeed a revolution in marketing for online retail, where adding a physical dimension enriches the customer experience by bridging the gap from digital to physical. Check out their website at http://www.appliedmattersystems.com/ and have a look at the future of online retail, today.







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