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The Outperformer seeks to create stronger leaders by systems of networking and the sharing doors of information

Well networked accounting and financial experts draw in career opportunities rather than pursuing them. However, this professional field is more recognized for not keeping up networks that can help expand their present job scopes. As the career industry depends on connections, this platform provides that entryway as it reaches out to the perfect accounting and finance that are similarly driven to reach their career goals.

The Outperformer finds it important for leaders to challenge traditional thinking. This is to help avoid getting stuck in a rut of doing the same thing, the same way, with no means accelerating beyond the pack.

Overall, The Outperformer’s career management platform lets you consider the future without having to dwell in the past.  With a competitive and complex employment landscape, now is an ideal opportunity to challenge business as usual, which is what the platform is doing to build up more innovative accounting and finance pioneers of tomorrow.


Brad Eisenhuth and Adam Neyenhuys are the Founders of The Outperformer

Career management is turning into a concentration for the accounting and finance profession. Role automation, artificial intelligence and various technologies undermine the field. Hence, The Outperformer was created and ready to offer an answer for this industry through collaboration and challenging status quo.

The Outperformer was created to provide an authentic and stimulating career management platform to accounting and financial experts aiming to prepare for the future and build their career.

The Outperformer is a trusted platform and valuable career asset that empowers financial experts to learn and socialize in a secure and supportive environment. Already they are working with some of Australia’s leading businesses and supporting their finance teams. They have a range of high profile speakers and mentors ranging across the likes of Atlassian’s Head of R&D, Dominic Price, new CFO of Genesis Care, Peter Gunning, ACCA ANZ Chairperson and Regus CFO, Paula Kensington, and Paul Smith of Future Directors Institute.

The Outperformer is membership based and costs $29 every month ($348 per year) which incorporates access to live online webinar, guides, educational material, and a community coordinated forum.


Core services available at The Outperformer:


  1. Educate

The Outperformer is an incredible stage for interfacing CFOs, executives and subject matter experts. Whether it’s to get to stimulating thought processes, challenge your own learning and advancement, or to connect with motivating mentors and coaches beyond your financial circle.

  1. Collaborate

A true product differentiator, the platform offers huge advantages including insightful pieces of knowledge flowing all the time from a community of leaders in the accounting and finance sector. This connecting part of the platform offers the chance to learn from, meet and tackle career questions with companions.

  1. Success

This is a growing part of the platform incorporating tools and templates for career awareness, goals and decision making.


Elevate your performance for better Career Success

The Outperformer values seeing passionate and talented people join their community. For more information, you can check them out at









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