Moody Space Centre Changed the Initiative to Develop a Commercial Space Launch Centre in Queensland

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Moody Space Centre (MSC) Launch their primary Satellite, the Ellison 1. They were the APAC Agents for Paragon Space Development who are a NASA Contractor and leading supplier of Life Support Systems for the Orion Spacecraft and NASAs Manned Mars Mission, Interorbital Systems USA are our Chief Supplier of Nano and Tube Satellite Parts, Sales and Launches.

MSC was also assisted by the Department of Innovation, Industry and Science and are the first such entity of any kind to work with the Federal Government in relation to obtaining an Australian Launch License and Certificate. MSC have also just engaged the QLD State Government.

The latitude and longitude for Rockhampton

Thirty-three point five degrees south and 150.5 degrees east is one of the most ideal place to launch satellites into space. To become an estimated US$6 billion industry, a 2% slice, would cost $150 million.  It is certainly not the first time a space project has been mentioned for the region.

The Government’s Support is Crucial

Moody Space John Moody, The CEO of Moody Space Center specified he has received a good news from all levels of government. John Moody, desires to launch a commercial space industry in his home town.

Moody Space Centre proposal was in its beginning and needed $25 million in government subsidy. The initial strategies comprise a technology hub at the Rockhampton airport for the loading and maintenance of mobile rocket launch systems, as well as the construction of satellites.

Moody identified a parcel of land at Bouldercombe that would be perfect for a launch pad. Interorbital Systems founder and chief executive Randa Milliron said the company had conducted successful test flights for its modular launch vehicles or rockets, called the Neptune series, but had not yet released satellites into orbit.

Foto Moody Space Centre.

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