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Solar Analytics is a solar technology company providing solar and energy data, performance, management and analysis for solar households.

Founded in 2013, Solar Analytics has established technology that enhances the lifetime value of Solar Analytics customer’s solar power systems. Solar Analytics gets right down to the core, and offers expert assistance in helping their customers improve their solar power systems and the benefit they get from their solar system.

In the last year, Solar Analytics’ patron numbers have grown

Partnering with some of Australia’s major solar companies, Solar Analytics is one of the fastest-growing solar monitoring providers globally. In Australia, there are already 1.6 million solar systems, making it the world’s largest residential solar market, and this is expected to grow to 6 million solar households by 2030 (Bloomberg New Energy Finance).

Solar Analytics’ recently took top honors at the Smart Cities Expo World Forum event in Sydney, winning the overall award for Best Internet of Things Start-up. Solar Analytics also won the Best Smart Cities Start-up award.

The Smart Cities Expo World Forum showcases innovation and progress in the smart cities sector. This Forum highlights the importance of Internet of Things industry and the need for Australian businesses and Governments to become involved in the burgeoning sector which is predicted to become one of the largest and most life changing industries in the world.

Solar Analytics core product, the Solar Smart Monitor, is a cloud-based software and hardware product that collects real-time residential solar production and household energy consumption data to measure and analyses performance.

Customers can view their live data and monthly reports 24/7 on any desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, displayed in an easy-to-understand interface. They are also notified of any faults or under performance in their solar power system, and provided with insights about their energy usage to help reduce their electricity bill. The Solar Smart Monitor is easy to connect and works with any inverter and solar module technology.

The focus is on the immediate value as they can provide to home owners who have or are considering installing a solar power system.


More than half of all suburban solar systems significantly floundering, every day

It is recognized that 51.8% of solar power systems do not performing to its capacity (SunWiz), while on average 14% of solar energy systems will have a major fault every year.

Solar panels have a 25-year warranty while a solar inverter has a 5 -10-year warranty

The active monitoring notifies customers immediately about any issues, so that they can get faults and repairs fixed speedily, often for free as the systems are still under warranty. Without monitoring these issues go undetected for months or even years, costing solar households hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The Solar Smart Monitor keeps track of your solar power system’s performance in real time and measures against several benchmarks, including your local weather data.

So now you can tell not only how much energy your system is generating on any given day, but how much more energy it should be generating, and what you can do to improve its efficiency.


The Solar Smart Monitor will also measure your household energy consumption, so that you know the smartest time of day to turn on the pool pump, run those energy-hungry appliances, or turn off the hot water.


And with the advent of affordable batteries to provide energy storage, the Solar Analytics dashboard will show customers exactly what is the optimal size battery for their energy usage, what it will cost, and how much they will save on their electricity bill.


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Solar Analytics

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